Daily Archives: May 1, 2010

Check out this article from DailyFinance

Check out this article from DailyFinance. The author looks at Warren Buffett with a PILLAR of salt, but we all need good financial advice. It’s mostly in the Holy Bible and really, Dave Ramsey only quotes him once or twice the rest is PURE BIBLE! So, for those of you who think he’s so hot, that’s fine, but GET REAL GUYS, even Warren’s wary of all the attention he’s getting. I get the impression the minute he found out just how messed up the current president is he also realized he “bought some pretty rotten political stock” and it’s been plunging for TWO YEARS STRAIGHT! What a RIP-OFF! Remember, money is a tool not just something to be hoarded. No, I don’t mean this the way the president does. you “spread the wealth” yourself and see what happens. Don’t leave God out of the equation and please pray for Warren Buffett, not his portfolio, him as a person. If you go to the Berkshire Hathaway meeting and you’re a Christian, here’s your chance, don’t blow it!