GOPUSA � News � Democrat winner in SC faces felony charge

10 Jun

GOPUSA � News � Democrat winner in SC faces felony charge.

To those of you involved in the TEA Party movement, please make sure that the candidates you are backing do not have a criminal record or haven’t been “set up to fall” by something like this. It would be preferable for them to not have a criminal record at all. Let’s not arm the political opposition here. It will just open the door up to more corruption or even ridicule and this will be ridiculed beyond belief. This is is a warning to BOTH SIDES of the TEA Party, Conservative and Non-Conservative alike. We are trying to take back a system from a group of people who want to DESTROY this country, destroy freedom, liberty, justice, peace, and the U.S. Constitution as a whole. There’s also this, we are dealing with hard-core left Progressive agenda that is Communistic in nature literally and they aren’t just toying with the idea, they are quoting, Marx, Lenin, Mao, Che Guevara who is a dead Cuban communist, Stalin, Alinsky, you name them, they’re quoting them and they are teaching our children to quote them too.

This movemen needs obe able ot get CREDIBLE CANDIDATES and stay out of trouble. If these are trumped up  charges, and bogus the truth will come out. Prayer and spiritul wisdom are key to the success of this. If you’re secular or atheist, please don’t laugh, this is a serious matter. The validity of the freedom we have and even the validity of your unbelief can be used against us all ultimately if we are all caught up in political hatred, nobody wins at all and it’s a hollow victory nobody wants.


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