Daily Archives: June 18, 2010


I rarely go out here on a limb like this, but I feel very strongly that I need to warn both pacs and jacks about something you may not realize. This is especially aimed at the jacks- you are playing a very dangerous game with our freedom and it is proving jsut how corrupt you’ve become. The pacs have their moments but from what I’ve seen and heard this is the worst. I’m addressing the POLITICAL LEADERSHIP mainly.  to those of you who are rank and file members who are going “WAIT JUST A —- MINUTE!” I’m not talking about you unless you were all for these scams put forth by the president. Let me preface what I’m about to say here. I’m NOT A RACIST! I even prayed for a black president. I saw how Jesse Jackson got treated and I wasn’t happy about it. As a child I was taught  about Civil Rights and the Civil Rights movement. There was still a lot of racial tension when I was a child and I know why too- the movement wasn’t over but people just quietly started to walk away or get kicked out of organizations that they would’ve stayed in.  I also don’t hate the president, but his political agenda is not that of the Democratic Party at all. If you walked into the Capitol Hill Congressional office buildings right now and you were a journalist, you’d be met with suspicion right now. People are jumpy and scared (not nervous- scared.) The mainly reason Senator Ethridge almost tore that student journalist’s head off was just that. What he did was a felony and should make him ineligible for re-election. The Democratic Party in South Carolina is playing an even more dangerous game. They don’t like  their own candidate- that’s weird, he’s got the nomination of the people now their questioning his mental capacity? Not every African-American is as messed up as Barack, besides do your homework. Barack is a member of a different party. Check this out: