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Soross Oil Spill Payoff- CORRUPTION TO THE CORE!

Soross Oil Spill Payoff.

do you live in New Orleans or somewhere along the Gulf of Mexico border where the oil spill is? Here’s what’s going on- WE’VE BEEN SCREWED OVER! Pardon the language, but it’s true. If Bobby Jindal reads this he needs to know that the people who are making him and you miserable are the following: President Barack Obama, George Soros (He’ s a leftist contributor to a lot of political campaigns including the president’s), he’s also not just a “leftist” whatever that is, he’s a Communist. You need to GET IN HIS FACE AND DEMAND HE PAY HIS TAXES or leave you all alone, Mr. Hayward is also involved in this UP TO HIS EYEBALLS! Go to: and see if you can find his broadcast from last night or call a friend and ask them if they recorded it. This is EXACTLY WHY YOU’RE GOING THROUGH THIS!