25 Jun

Being a disabled Conservative sounds like an oxymoron to most people but not to me. I’m a Christian and the one thing that has pained me as I watch the Conservative movement grow is this, people like Rand Paul acting like the Civili Rights laws in this country don’t belong on the books. I’d like to ask Mr. Paul one question. How can you as a PHYSICIAN say that? He’s probably dealt with blind patients as well and this is why I’m asking. First of all, the Bible clearly states it in the TORAH/law in the first five books of it that you should no abuse the disabled. Here they are, and this country’s Constitution. Check Deuteronomy 27:18, Isaiah 35:5, Is. 42:18. Now the latter are encouragement for healing but you can’t just say that unless you are a Spirit-filled or activated and they are willing to be healed.

 There’s this MAJOR DISABILITY that everybody has called SIN. It is a barrier between us and God. Unless you name the name of Jesus and no only declare that He’s the Lord of your life and walk obediently in HIm you can’t have those types miracles happen. I’m not trying to slam Rand at all I am trying to challenge him to expand what he may know about the Word of God.  We tend to mistreat people when we don’t have a guideline and I agree we shouldn’t have to have this kind of thing, but until Jesus gets back here and all is right with the Universe and God we unfortunately need this.

Let me give an example: I’ve watched as TARC and TARC 3 drivers have kicked my husband off of the bus for lack of funds. When there have also been provisions made for disabled riders who don’t have the fair. I know that sounds unfair but here’s the other issue- it was excessively hot out and the driver was being ridiculus.

I have noticed that TARC has been cutting services right when there is demand for more not less buses on the road. they keep screaming about revenues- taxes. Well, I’m sorry but you try paying taxes on wages YOU’RE NOT GETTING!

This whole thing is quite ridiculous and when the government seems to violate  the Constitution left right and center and they make your life MISERABLE something’s wrong with this country deep down. As person who has tried to learn from the lessons of the Civil Rights movement which by the way is heating back up if you didn’t know. The very people that had to speak out before are speaking out again and I praise God they are. I’m not  a infiltrator for the other side of the aisle, this is just pure common sense (as if this generation even “gets” that concept.) I’m beginning to understand why Jesus got so frustrated when He was down here before.

Now I don’t think that welfare, social security, etc. is a “civil right” working should be something that everybody is able to do but for some dumb reason they want to pass a “right to work” bill. I submit to you that we don’t need to be denying ANYBODY the chance to work. If you read II Samuel 9 that everybody points to as a Scripture for such things, they’ve misunderstood and misinterpreted it. It says that King David restored “all  but the throne” to Mephibosheth and that means, land, servants, farmers, field hands and so forth. The only thing he didn’t return was the throne.

If you look at the rules for Social Security they’re preposterous, you can only make so much. Example: Let’s say you get a disability check of $800.00 now a lot of folks are going to go “that’s  a lot of money!” Yes it is if  you live back in 1929-39 when we didn’t have INFLATION. Factor in inflation though and this whole thing is a nightmare. You can’t even pay your rent. I can just hear some goofy liberal right now “not if you’re on Section 8 housing!” well, that’s even more tax money because all of a sudden “Joe” has to give “Sam” money for that stupid program. This whole thing is about CONTROLLING PEOPLE! That is not the right thing to do. Even the medications can be controlling. The president was talking about “behavior modification’ in schools. That involves putting our children on Ritalin and all kinds of dumb drugs that can be dealt with naturally by keeping them away from certain types of sugar, certain dyes, certain foods and so forth.

 When I finally got off of the meds I was on, I noticed something- MAN I WAS TICKED OFF! I felt controlled and manipulated, it was horrible and it took me a few years to get things straightened out and I’m still working on things. Shoving medication down a child’s throat for NO APPARENT REASON is child abuse. By the time I was dealing with my health actively I had a doctor who tried to up my dosage. This resulting in some interesting things happening that could’ve killed me.  That was about 12 years ago and I’ve been off ever since.

So back to my question for Rand Paul, what gives? We don’t deserve to be treated decent? You need to re-evaluate your stance just a bit. Stretch yourself just a bit.


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