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Dairy Farmers Plan Fourth of July Milk Dump to Protest Low Prices

Dairy Farmers Plan Fourth of July Milk Dump to Protest Low Prices.

If we don’t stop treating these farmers like slave labor, this could curdle the market, and there’s nothing worse than curdled milk just as these guys- it’s a real pain in the pocket-book. It’s even a bigger pain when you’re barely scraping by no matter who you are. We need to quit doing this “socialism” stuff and get right down to real agribusiness and that means treating small dairy farmers with a little more respect. They’ve obviously got a place in the market, so why is the government trying to kill them off? They want the land- pure and simple. They did this back in the 1980’s and I’ll never forget it!

Do you remember the FARM AID concert? I do, I was only a kid but I also remember thinking this was so wrong! Once again, I don’t trust either party and there’s a good reason why. What I will never understand is how of ALL PEOPLE Ronald Reagan could be so obtuse as to think that this was going to help the economy!

There’s got to be a way to deal with this without hurting the market period and we need to quit treating the whole industry- (is it REALLY an industry?) Come on folks, let’s quit turning these animals into ROBO-BESSIE! The animals also need milk to replenish POPULATION. It’s call calving and when cows run dry that’s a serious health problem. I’m no expert, but let’s face it, that what got us here- listening to “experts” who’ve never farmed a day in their lives.