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Mark Levin

Mark Levin.

In this clip Obama repeatedly says he/we wo n’t rest. Good hopefully by November he’ll be exhausted and we get him OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE. Let’s pray this takes place, I’m getting tried of his POLITICKS!


Little Has Changed in Haiti Since the Earthquake

Little Has Changed in Haiti Since the Earthquake.

Now i’m mad, we shold’ve had a better impact than this- we needto get the situation in washington cleaned up faster than we  are doing it, elections aren’t going to wait, let’s mobilkize ssome criminsal investigations and get these corrupt people out of there I’m not going ot stnad for this ! LET’S MOVE IT!


TruthCasting – Player#showSermon=20253

TruthCasting – Player#showSermon=20253.

Do you struggle with sin? don’t deny it- deal with it, but don’t get too rough with  yourself. The blood of Jesus covers it even if you’re a parent.


TruthCasting – Player#showSermon=20253

TruthCasting – Player#showSermon=20253.

We hve had political leaders swear up and down they’ve got the answers to the problems that plague mankind- they don’t have spit if they don’t have godly parents and a good relationship with Jesus. Teach your kids about Christ on a daily basis and in all situations and they will know what to do in times of crisis real or imaginary.