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Queen of England Far Behind UAE on Richest Royals List

via Queen of England Far Behind UAE on Richest Royals List.

Interesting what people will tell you without telling you. I wonder if she’s really worththat, but I’m guessing the Rothschilds allow it.

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London’s Guardian Newspaper: Leaked Documents Show Unreported Afghan Deaths

via London’s Guardian Newspaper: Leaked Documents Show Unreported Afghan Deaths.

Wikileaks, the New York Times and the Guardian obviously need to be either shut down or penalized for their behavior. Wikileaks in particular releasing 90,000 documents on the War on Terrorism would not have been tolerated by previous administrations in Britain and America and the orgnizations. I’m tired of feeling like I have a freaking target on my back because I’m an American. This has honestly got to stop.

There’s no way that things are going to work out if we are going to have operations exposed> I understand if you’re talking about the Agency doing opium being exposed but even that can cause unnecessary deaths. Thee government needs to get  out  of the narcotics trade period that is not a good example to our kids at all. We sit there and waste millions of dollars on drug prevention and the “war on drugs” and we get laughed at by the very same children we are trying to raise.

I’ve had enough baloney for quite a while. One- too much salt two – not exactly nutritious either. A politically demeaning thing to have happen on top of it. I’d like to live IN PEACE with other countries but with all the WEIRD STUFF going on that’s where I draw the line. This has also made me wonder if the administration shouldn’t arrest the members of the military and the Agency who are doing this. They also need to penalize these media outlets I’m getting very tired of this.