New York Governor Says State Would Help if Mosque Moved to New Site

11 Aug

via New York Governor Says State Would Help if Mosque Moved to New Site.

On this topic I am utterly opposed. I was watching FOXNEWS and I’m sorry but for those of you who are 9/11 truthers out there who are trying to disprove the 9/11/01 incident you’re out of luck. To those who are also yelling about the NWO let me say this, Osama bin Laden’s father Mohamed bin Laden taught his sons how to do construction work in the construction company he started called BIN LADEN CONSTRUCTION. Here’s something else, when you have construction companies they do 2 things:

1. Construction

2, Destruction of a condemned building. Or the building on the site where you desire to build.

There’s also this, Muslims believe just as Christians and Jews do that wherever their foot falls is theirs. They even extend it to foreign countries. This is stated in Sharia Law by the way so the next time you see the King of Saudi Arabia, Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad, Maomur Qaddafi of Lybia, Mamoud Ahmadinejad, Mohamed al Hosni Mubarak of Egypt visiting here, remember, they see just stepping off of the plane as as conquest.

I do not want MY GOVERNMENT helping ANYBODY FROM AN ISLAMIC COUNTRY PUTTING A MOSQUE ANYWHERE. That IS a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. If you don’t believe me, go to the following sites:

Now if these documents have been altered, remember this- there’s a reason we are trying to get these Progressive nuts out of office. I’ve even been concerned that we are waitng too long on elections. With a REAL COMMUNIST in the White House people are goofing around doing countdowns nad not paying attention to the real issues here- WE ARE ON THE BRINK OF EXTINCTION AS A FREE COUNTRY SO PASS ALL THE PROTECTIVE LAWS YOU CAN ON A STATE LEVEL TO PROTECT FREEDOM.

 However, here’s the thing we need to remember, fighting 2 political systems at one time can be exhausting. Get enough sleep and eat right, you’re gonna need all the energy yyou can get so make sure you can find HEALTHY FOOD and if the junk food companies go out of business so be it.

We need to be able to fight not just overseas, but here as well. In the next month, Muslims are celebrating Ramadan. Here’s my proposal:  Those of you who are DEVOUT CHRISTIANS OF ALL STRIPES AND THOSE WHO ARE JEWISH OF ALL STRIPES, we need to corporately or unitedly fast and pray for the protection of this nation. Yes, you got it- I’m proposing SPIRITUAL WARFARE. I know what some of you must be thinking- “Oh great, another religious fanatic!” All I can say is get a grip and grow up there’s no time for spiritual ignorance here. read the following book of the Bible and you’ll get the general idea of what I’m tryingto get across: ESTHER. The story of Esther takes place during a time that Israel was being ruled by PERSIA or modern-day Iran. Artexerxes or Ahasaurus was the political leader of the time and when she was picked to replace Queen Vashti, Esther kept her religious beliefs secret. Then she encountered Haman and his passionate hatred for not only her uncle Mordechai, but her own people the Jews or Israel. Since both countries are connected, along with this fast, I’m gonna suggest you give to Israel. Do donations. Here’s where to go: International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Israeli government  Exodus- They get Jews to Israel who can’t afford to go on their own.

This is not a funny thing at all.Our survival is at stake here. Quit goofing around and get to work. By the way, the fast in Esther only took 3 days so you don’t have to do a 40 day fast or anything unless the Holy Spirit tells you to. Another thing, until Saudi Arabia allows churches and synagogues in Saudi Arabia, NO MOSQUES HERE AND THE ONES HERE SHOULD BE TORN DOWN.



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