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As you know, the Soviet Union is no longer in existance, hopefully. I just saw a video that is gonna blow your mind and if you’re a Christian, you’re gonna LOVE THIS! Check it out!!57C67d21AD821198.entry

By the way, if you’re Russian Orthodox, e-mail this to the Patriarchate this is gonna blow them away! I though I was done just now and felt STRONGLY to add something. Pray for Russia’s protection, they are dealing with wild fires near Moscow and I’m gonna make some very strong statements here. If you are a regional leader in Russia, you may want to have a regional council meeting and do the same thing that was done here. This is not the answer to all of Russia’s problems, it’s a step in the right direction. Also, please pray for America, we need it badly. We’ve never had this happen before and I never want to see this again in my lifetime.


Major newspaper calls for impeachment of Barack Obama (revised) – National conservative |

Major newspaper calls for impeachment of Barack Obama (revised) – National conservative |

I only hae one thing to say, reaad this carefully and take note of the Senators that are mentioned here. If you recognize yours take down the names and keyword search material like Barney Frank, banking crisis, Fannie Mae. Freddie Mac or Chris Dodd, Countrywide scandal. You get the idea and research them. Read their voting records and let folks know what they need to know.



If you’re wondering what I’m talking about it’s a film that comes out TODAY. Here’s the problem with the film- it glorifies ethnic hate and encourages a RACE WAR between White and Hispanic Americans. I’ve heard about the movie from Alex Jones and I implore you, boycott this film. To give you an idea of HOW INFLAMMATORY we are talking the poster sports a blood-drenched machete and hand. Now that I’ve spoiled your breakfast and you’re listening there’s more. There’s a scene in the film involving Arizona. For those of you who especially live in the southwestern United States, please boycott this film and have some kind of community activities that unite and not divide. the film maker even LIED about Alex Jones  about this. This is not a movie to take your kids to, or anybody for that matter.  If I were a movie critic, BOYCOTT is my rating. Send these sick people in Hollyweird a  loud and clear message-THIS IS NOT WHAT WE ARE AS A PEOPLE!

For more information go to:, , and Also keyword search the movie and see if there’s other information. Also invite Hispanic friends to things that build community and a sense of community. There are EVIL FORCES AT WORK HERE. Don’t just boycott the film, fast and pray for people’s salvation as well. I refuse to put their website on here. 

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