02 Sep

As you know, the Soviet Union is no longer in existance, hopefully. I just saw a video that is gonna blow your mind and if you’re a Christian, you’re gonna LOVE THIS! Check it out!!57C67d21AD821198.entry

By the way, if you’re Russian Orthodox, e-mail this to the Patriarchate this is gonna blow them away! I though I was done just now and felt STRONGLY to add something. Pray for Russia’s protection, they are dealing with wild fires near Moscow and I’m gonna make some very strong statements here. If you are a regional leader in Russia, you may want to have a regional council meeting and do the same thing that was done here. This is not the answer to all of Russia’s problems, it’s a step in the right direction. Also, please pray for America, we need it badly. We’ve never had this happen before and I never want to see this again in my lifetime.


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