White House Insider on Obama: “the President is Losing It.” | Newsflavor

16 Sep

White House Insider on Obama: “the President is Losing It. | Newsflavor.

This is almost tragic, the article details how after the election in 2008 everybody not only found out how boring Barack was, they found out how controlling. This can not only burst somebody’s bubble, but it can have a national impact that nobody anticipates. I really wish that Barack had turned out to be what he’d claimed. No, I voted for somebody else but this was a real mess when folks started to realize that it wasn’t a joke, he actually did hate America. Pretty creepy if you ask me.

He’s made blunder after blunder for the past 2 years and the more he makes, the worse we look. We all came to the conlcusion very fast that none of this was about color, he made it into office didn’t he? So this wasn’t about some idiot butchering his wife’s 99 thread cotton sheets that cost $250.00. This was about the incompetency of the president. This is really gonna hurt when we get enough people in to make “real” changes. Because the African-American community at least some sectors of it are gonna be hurtm they put so much PASSION AND DETERMINATION into helping Barack win that there is going to be cultural reaction that we haven’t seen in quite a while.



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