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UN Blueprint: Dismantle Middle Class, Build World Government

UN Blueprint: Dismantle Middle Class, Build World Government.

We need to force a shut down of the UN while we clean out our government- they think they GOVERN US! If you can, let’s get the money up to put this before the Supreme Court and SEND A LOUD AND CLEAR MESSAGE TO THESE ISLAMIC GOVERNMENTS WHO WANT MONEY FROM US. How about we demand money from them at the same rate that they want from us hmmm? Yeah, that’s really gonna go over big in the Middle East. I have a MESSAGE FOR THOSE OF YOU IN THE MIDDLE EAST WHO ARE TRYING TO ENSLAVE US! FAT CHANCE! YOU’VE TICKED US OFF FOR THE LAST DAMN TIME GET OUT OF OUR FREAKING COUNTRY TAKE YOU FREAKING MOSQUES WITH YOU NOBODY WANTS YOUR REPRESSIVE RELIGION IN THIS COUNTRY! I don’t hate Arabs or Muslims, but I sure as hell could do without THEIR ARROGANT ATTITUDE WE’RE NOT THE ONES WHO ARE ARROGANT! To those of you in our government who think you’re gonna get away with this junk, best hold out your hands for handcuffs because you’re not going to get away with this insanity.



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