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Nukes Aimed at America?

Nukes Aimed at America?.

Good grief I hope not!


Misfire Over Kagan: The Left Attacks “The Edge”

Misfire Over Kagan: The Left Attacks “The Edge”.

Whatever! :-p


A Shadow over Religious Freedom

A Shadow over Religious Freedom.


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Islamic Law Spreading in America

Islamic Law Spreading in America.



New World Order of Finance Coming

New World Order of Finance Coming.

YIKES! Now that makes me wish we had the alternative system that Tim and Jerry talk about in the Left Behind Series. Something to think about and pray about.


Justice Ginsburg’s Global Mistake

Justice Ginsburg’s Global Mistake.



Treaty Ignores Russia-Iran Threat

Treaty Ignores Russia-Iran Threat.

Need I say more?


State Dept. to UN: AZ Law A Human Rights Violation

State Dept. to UN: AZ Law A Human Rights Violation.

More form Dr. Lahaye’s site.


Three Signs of the Times

Three Signs of the Times. This from Dr. Tim LaHaye, if you don’t like him, look up somebody else or do your own research.