Rep. Charles Rangel turns hearing into a vaudeville show –

16 Nov

Rep. Charles Rangel turns hearing into a vaudeville show –

Okay, let me be frank with you, I hope that this is a JUST proceeding and only because I wonder about a lot of out-going members of Congress who are so corrupt you can smell it who are not being investigated. I find the whole thing myself a very touchy subject for the simple fact that the party Charlie’s in is the very party that could’ve even PLANTED EVIDENCE if they wanted to.

I don’t think that happened, but I’m now concerned about how this is going to be handled by the Ethics Comittee. This ought to prove to be a very disturbing wake-up call for out-going and incoming members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The message loud and clear: DO THIS AND WE WILL VOTE YOUR BUNS OUT!

The fact that Charles turned this proceeding on it’s head yesterday tells  me a lot about him. He’s 80. He’s 80 and he acted like he was 8. That’s NOT GOOD FOR THE END RESULTS!  Charles, the Constitution is the LAW OF THE LAND sir and I don’t like going here but even I’d get in trouble for violating it if I were in political office. I’m a double minority myself. Female and physically disabled and I’m not sure that the kind of behavior exhibited by you was the usual or if it was just straight-up off balance and irregular.

I’m concerned for the whole House and the whole Senate because I am an American citizen who is tired of being kicked around like a soccerball by people we ELECT TO PUBLIC OFFICE! This whole thing is a travesty and I’m hoping that there are better days ahead for America and the world. This is a very dark (politically and spiritually) time and it irks the living tar out of me when people “put on a show” in front of the House and the whole dang country. You may’ve gotten yourself not only convicted on the evidence sir, but by your own behavior. Nobody on this earth is perfect I’m well aware of that but this was uncalled for and made you look foolish. YOU’RE AN ADULT FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE PLEASE ACT LIKE ONE PLEASE!



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