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Rand Paul: Im a Fan of Divided Government

With 37 incoming members who also identify themselves as Tea Party politicians, it wont be his affiliation that makes Sen.-Elect Rand Paul R-Ky. unique on

via Rand Paul: Im a Fan of Divided Government.

I have something I’d like to say here. This aimed squarely at the incoming Congress: Please debate civilly and humanely. Whenever I’ve turned on C-SPAN, all I’ve seen is SCREAMING, YELLING, AND DIVISIVE BEHAVIOR. It reminds me of watching my parents fight when I was a little kid. Also remember, there are going to be SCHOOLCHILDREN who take field trips to Washington, D.C. to see how government operates. Here’s what they DON’T NEED TO SEE- a bunch of adults acting crazy. I’m glad you’re doing the Constitutional Caucus, make sure that there is a small Bible study and prayer too. Don’t leave that out and please don’t get pc with each other, that doesn’t help either, it makes things worse.

Remember, RESPECT ONE ANOTHER’S BELIEFS AS WELL. This is not just political, it’s spiritual and it lends to our diversity. Remember, E Pluribus Unum or “Out of many one.” That’s what that phrase means. It also lends to unity, NOT UNIFORMITY.  The latter looks WEIRD and can lead to a satanic atmosphere. This is so important- we’ve had A CENTURY  AND A HALF of really bad decisions and it has torn at the fabric of our society. Let’s set things right and don’t try to “reinvent the wheel.” Restore the Constitution, get rid of ROTTEN LEGISLATION, come up with better alternatives. Do nothing to threaten our sovereignty we’ve had enough of  that. We need our currency, and the Bill of Rights protected not stripped. We need to get things back in better shape. Put things in way better shape than when you got here.

I like what Rand said and I agree, I’ve seen them do REALLY GOOD WORK like this and we need to reinstate the best and better programs that make America who she is and makes us free and not tethered to government. I would like to see some serious changes to Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and other stuff that really needs to change. Including housing. A lot of this stuff can be done in good quality and for less. I’ve sent Rand some ideas and I’m hoping to be able to see them implemented somehow. I don’t expect perfect, but I do expect things to be better than they have been.

I’d like to see people of all stripes and walks of life to be able to take what they have and implement them without the government looking at them like their nuts. This even includes the disabled some of whom feel very disenfranchised from the American way of life. We live in good circumstances some of us, but some of us are being prevented in the workplace from excelling. I’m not referring to a lot of folks, but I’m trying to start some businesses and having a tough time gettingthem going because I’m concerned about these stupid “right to work” laws that they’ve been trying to pass. I thought we ALL had a “right to work” what the heck is this? I’m tired of feeling like I’m getting ready to lose something. I’m not a big fan of unions either, they cost taxpayers way too much money and I’m concerned that we are being ripped off by the system in some really big ways.

We’re having to deal with substandard education for black kids and that SHOULD NOT BE GOING ON NOW! To say that ticks me off is an understatement and I’m not black- weird huh? Let’s go out there  and show America what we’re made of folks and get this show on the road! As for Rand, GO FOR IT AND DON’T LET ANYTHING STOP YOU!