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DHS & TSA: Making a list, checking it twice

DHS & TSA: Making a list, checking it twice.

This is aimed squarely at Ms. Napolitano: STOP THESE DISGUSTING SCREENINGS YOU ARE PUTTING US IN DANGER AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT! The reports  that you have seen of people being charged with sexual assault who are employed by the TSA are exactly why the Bush administration didn’t do this. They were actually concerned not only about backlash like this but the fact that there are UNCAUGHT PEDOPHILES AND RAPISTS out in society and they will DO ANYTHING TO PLY THEIR TRADE WHICH IS JUST AS ILLEGAL AS BLOWING UP THINGS WITHOUT BEING IN THE MILITARY. I’m not on here trying to politically agitator, I’m on here trying to help people protect themselves and their families, collect anything on me and I will contest it in a court of law and you will lose. Your administration is so far left that it fell off the truck years ago. 

I hope you get TSA sued out of existance and here’s why, NONE of these people speak Arabic and they should, none of them are looking for WHAT THEY SHOULD BE THEY ARE TOO DAMN BUSY SNICKERING ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE DOING VIS A VIE THE NAKED BODY SCANNERS AND  THEY ARE GETTING THEIR JOLLIES AT OTHER PEOPLE’S EXPENSE. I’ve advised folks to talk to a Constitutional lawyer and to lodge any complaints with them and you.

This is not the proper way to deal with things at all. This is not about being “PC” or politically correct either, it’s about treating people with respect and you obviously don’t know how to do that. I love my country, I try to respect the governmnet and the laws but when they violate people’s civil or human rights, something’s gotta give.  QUIT ACTING LIKE THE FREAKING KGB AND ACT LIKE YOU HAVE SOME CIVILITY ABOUT YOU- GET RID OF THESE DAMNED SCANNERS!



Research arm of the U.S. Congress confirms Obama’s eligibility never vetted – Phoenix conservative |

Research arm of the U.S. Congress confirms Obama’s eligibility never vetted – Phoenix conservative |

WAKE UP! Are you a Democrat who voted for Obama? WAKE UP! Are you a Republican who didn’t like John McCain (I was BUT i VOTED FOR HIM ANYWAY) WAKE UP! Are you a Democrat that is of a “liberal” or progressive stance? Do your homework and WAKE UP! Are you black and wondering where your “Obama money” is? WAKE UP! Ar you a senior who jsut got kicked off of Medicare? WAKE UP! Are 18 years old and a potential voter? WAKE UP! THIS PRESIDENT SUCKS ROTTEN EGGS!

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