29 Nov

I’m not here to malign anybody, but I’m getting tired of this crap whether it’s real or not. The political leaders of this nation have been playing with spiritual fire and I don’t mean that in the positive. I wish I wasn’t even writing this. I pray that this isn’t real. Because if it is then the leaders of this nation have opened a can of worms it’s going to be difficult to get rid of. Pray that these “boys” start acting like decent Christian men and stop playing these sick games. I’m not sure what to think.

If you know anything about this  please let me know. I’m not here to malign, but to inform. I’m not amused and I wonder if this is the kind of weird crap that the Fabian Society was and is involved in? I hope not. Pray for discernment and wisdom for these leaders. I’ve never seen such weird behavior. I wonder if they realize how ridiculous this looks. Got some advice for you guys. Stay away from this stupid thing and go to The Grove in North Carolina run by the BGEA (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) it might even get you closer to the Lord. I love you all dearly, but there needs to be some wisdom practiced here before something goes wrong and the real thing occurs. Be careful please. I’m a prophetic prayer warrior and I’ve been involved in ministry long enough to realize when people are behaving badly. I know the New World Order has gone public, but do you have to bring STUPID along too? Gee whiz guys. Do something spiritually productive why don’t you?

Make sure that nobody is really doing this. There are members of the government who are no playing these kind of games they’re doing it for real. I suggest having an investigation on this stuff as well. Please stop doing this no wonder they think the United States is a mockery! By the way, I do love my country and this really upsets me.


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