01 Dec

I don’t usually address other bloggers, but this is kinda weird, I don’t want any trouble and honestly you’ll get any answer if you have a question. Don’t attack people just because they don’t believe the way you do. By the way, if you don’t quit “monitoring fundamentalist Christians” unless you are LAW ENFORCEMENT AND HAVE A WARRANT you better leave me alone! 2 can play the same game. Besides, I’m going to go to a higher power than the Supreme Court about this and YOU WILL STOP! I’m not to be toyed with and I refuse to be treated like some freaking criminal!!! You just messed with THE WRONG BLOGGER!

I’m going to ask those of you who are PRAYER WARRIORS out there to PRAY this is REAL I’m not making it up. He’s “MONITORING FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS” thanks for the compliment because I’M NOT ONE! You need to DO YOUR RESEARCH BETTER!

There is an Occultic connection, he’s into vampirism. Man does that suck or what? By the way, I’m in the process of doing a few entries that need prayer one is long and detailed on a political and a spiritual level and the other is an answer to a question. By the way Forever Knight, I have a challenge for you, if you can read the Holy Bible non-stop for  year I’ll leave you alone. So leave ME alone got it? Start in the Gospel of John, it’s right after the Gospel of Luke. to those of you who were expecting me to rip him to shreds, I don’t think so, Christ commands us to LOVE OUR ENEMIES! Matthew 5:44. By the way, if you’re into more than just vampirism, that’s not good because then you’ve really dug yourself a spiritual hole. You may need help getting out. 

I’ve had times on here where things are usually falling apart for me, but oddly enough this isn’t one of them. Thanks for the compliment Forever Knight!


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