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New House Whips Work in Tag Team : Roll Call

New House Whips Work in Tag Team : Roll Call.

Cool a new whip team-this ought to be fascinating. I’m curious. These 2 sound like they are worth watching.



Yes, believe it or not, he’s a REAL PERSON! He’s a Christian historical figure so clear your head of that Jolly old elf dude everybody talks about. St. Nick was a bishop in Myra, Greece and he was from a wealthy family he lost his parents early in life and was raised by his uncle. Let me say something before I go any farther for you kids, for a Christian, death is not the end of life- it’s the beginning of another chapter of life it just doesn’t take place here/ St. Nicholas is very much alive and he’s with Jesus right now. He was not a priest, he was a monk originally. He’s also the patron saint of a lot of different countries including Germany, Switzerland, and Russia. The fact that he went through all the things he did is a testament to the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. For those who think this is a bunch of bunk especially the Christian faith, I’ll keep you in prayer (I bet that steams you something terrible!) 😀 I also have a web site if you’re just wondering about whether St. Nicholas is real. I bet you are if you’re about 9 or 10 years old. Mom, dad, this is a GREAT SITE  to show your children and for you to paruse together:

They are also working on a movie pray for them and if you can give some money towards the project please do! I’m eager to see the film. I’m not Catholic or Orthodox, but I LOVE history and this is an important topic. There’s not a rich history of St. Nicholas here because we try to shake off the influences of Europe, but Christian history as well as U.S. History are important topics to learn. So read up!