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Anger at Tax Cut Proposal: Strange Political Bedfellows

Washington CNN – It is strange political bedfellows. Some on the right are joining their usual adversaries on the left in their anger at the proposed tax cut

via Anger at tax cut proposal: strange political bedfellows.

Now we know why the Pledge went unsigned. OUCH! I don’t know what to think and I don’t really know what to tell you. I’m just as ticked off as you are. But remember, this is the vestiges of a CORRUPT CONGRESS THAT IS TAKING IT’S LAST GASP OF POLITICAL OXYGEN! This is what happens when they do this LAME DUCK BALONEY. They die a SLOW UNNECESSARILY TORTUROUS AND PAINFUL DEATH! They’re trying to make the TEA PARTY candidates look bad and like they don’t have a leg to stand on- oh yes we do! Here it is!

and here:

Now, when you all get in there, make sure you got copies of this. It’ll politically save your rear. Don’t make ANY DEALS WITH THE OLD GUARD! All they want to do is make you look like them and that’s not a good thing. Don’t co-opt into their way of  thinking, working, or what have you. All they want is their old job back (boohoo!) They need to freaking grow up and quit acting like a bunch of corrupt ninnies who don’t give a hoot! Take the high road and ask yourself these questions:

1. “What would Jesus do?”

2. “What would the FOUNDERS do?”

3,  Remember that even in Nehemiah 4 Sanballat and Tobiah TRIED TO NOT ONLY DISCOURAGE THE ISRAELITES, BUT THEY TRIED TO BURN DOWN WHAT WAS ALREADY BUILT! Israel just kept plodding along. I’ll tell you this, DON’T QUIT AND DON’T GIVE UP!

If you need help about the history of the 

For those of you who DON’T LIKE ISRAEL or you don’t “get it” or understand what the BIG DEAL IS about our country’s connection to Israel. There are COPIES OF FOUNDING DOCUMENTS that you can get on the site: you can even order a catalog and order that way if you don’t have money for the Internet. The phone number is : 1-800-873-2845 Also you can jump on their web site and learn EXACTLY WHAT YOU WEREN’T TAUGHT IN SCHOOL!  Also learn about Israel and America- not everything is corrupt, that stuff- study it and get advice on how to get rid of it and how to put good things in it’s place. Our connection to Israel isn’t just political, it’s spiritual as well. Call the Israeli embassy and talk to folks ask questions.

 Even ask about what you can do to help get rid of any kind of political things that may be corrupt. Talk to Jay Sekulow as much as you can about untangling this mess, he’s also of Messianic Judaic background, he may be able to fill you in on some things about Israel and America that you didn’t know s well.

  Remember, if Christ is gonna return it’s for both the Church and Israel without spot  or blemish!  

Also, be willing to be patient with yourself. If you don’t have certain information, ask questions. Ask Ron Paul ask his son Rand and if it’s something they don’t know about the Constitution call the guys at the ACLJ or go on their site and ask some of their colleagues. There are also other organizations as well.

 I’m going to advise you to avoid the left/right paradigm  as much as possible and here’s why, that’s what’s tearing this country apart right now. THINK AMERICAN, NOT REPUBLICAN AND NOT DEMOCRAT OR EVEN TEA PARTY! THIS IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS IT’S ABOUT FREEDOM! IGNORE THE STUPID STUFF AND GO FORWARD!  Here’s a historical trgference to look up: Democrat-Republican Party. This is real folks and it existed. They were the predecessors of the Republicans, Democrats and Whigs (they were like the Tories-Conservatives in England.)  

So get out there and “Do your homework!” By the way, make it fun, don’t bore yourself to death!


Probiotics – Avoid these three common mistakes and experience great health

Probiotics – Avoid these three common mistakes and experience great health.


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