18 Dec

  1.   Be honest- If there are flaws say so.
  2.  Don’t rip them apart, but be honest.
  3.  If it’s substandard, they won’t bother.
  4.  Opinions aren’t accurate.
  5.   Start with a leading statement.
  6.  Don’t get caught o in details.
  7.  don’t get carried away with details, you have very little space.
  8.   you don’t have to read EVERY WORD.
  9.   Reviews pay lousy. they pay $30.00-$40.00 each.       Sometimes they’re worth it! 
  10. Strike a balance.
  11.   Previous relationships are important on reviews. Example if you did one for Quill and Pen, that will give you an in to do another one especially if you did a terrific review.  Read he magazines you write for. If you want to write for National Geographic, read it! If you want to write for Charisma, read it- etc.
  12. Query the magazine on what to say- what are they looking for? Will they want a favorable write- up or will they want your opinion? What kind of material do they cover? For example, if you’re Catholic and the magazine is Pentecostal, you better have a knowledge of what their spiritual teachings are.
  13. Look to see who does reviews.
  14. Comment notice of reviews or whatever you want to write.
  15. Magazines want reviews a few months ahead of time.
  16. reviews- Filler/sidebar- Not exactly. It depends on the magazine.
  17. Overall purpose? e.g., Charisma Magazine Lee Vor Assistant editor. Main editor Lee Grady
  18. Novice reviews-,
  19. Weblogs- reviews.
  20. How long 5-6 months earlier.
  21. Good books to red for free.
  22. Stick to 200 word count if possible. 
  23. Interview author later for newsletter.
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