Morning Bell: The Fight for the Filibuster | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

04 Jan

Morning Bell: The Fight for the Filibuster | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News..

This interesting feature that we’ve seen attacked left, right, and center is a part fo the legislative process and it’s a safety valve to stop bad legislation and amendments from getting into and mucking up the system. This is one reason I think that Harry Reid needs to be removed from Minority Whip status. He’s IN THE SENATE ILLEGALLY!  He clearly violated the law and bypassed the will of the People. When a man decides he want to write the  Senate rules to su himself and not the will of the people he’s given up his right to govern!

The main problem that I see is that somebody needs to wrest the seat from him and tell him to sit down be quiet and learn! This maniac hasn’t shut up for the past 6 years and it’s time to. He’s made me more angry than I’d like. HE’S  A DOCUMENTED LIAR! People in his own state  are clearly sick of him and they want a different senator. If I were the attorney general of the state of Nevada, I’d open up an investigation. SEIU was clearly messing with the voting machines and their presence wasn’t needed. We need to stop all this insanity NOW!

I don’t know who needs to actually see this, but they really need to be put in a totally new senator for their own sakes. The history has shown that when any government is corrupt the downfall is very near. Let’s get him out of there! We need real political leadership and leadership that goes after corruption is not real political leadership iti s a caricature of itself and a disgrace.


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