Muslim immigrant says, “I didn’t come to Canada to live in an oppressive society where women wear headbags. I came here to get away from all that medieval crap.”

19 Nov

WARNING! HATEFUL LANGUAGE! I want to take a stand here and make it very clear. If you are a college or university student and you see this going on, STAND UP FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS! Let me explain for those of you who may not understand, Stand up for what is right. I’m aiming this at students from all backgrounds, Christian, Jewish, Atheist, Agnostic and yes, I’m going to include Arab and Muslim. This is not about multi-culturalism and celebrating your own culture, it’s about destroying somebody else’s. I know America and Israel are inseparable for those who may not understand how they are I suggest going to the following web sites:,, I also want ot address a group of people in the political sphere right now.

The presidential candidates have turned Israel into a political football that nobody should ever do. I understnad cutting off aid to destructive projects and decreasing military funding, but Israel is surrounded by her enemies.This was true in biblical times nad it’s true now. I’m getting tired of poor communication as well. For those who understand this issue you need to be very detailed in what you say to the electorate. Quit using sound bites. That is a Socialistic/Communistic tool to manipulate the people. There is a rampant problem of for example (and Ron I’m not picking on you) but you need to be more specific about what is needing to be addressed. I’ve heard you talk about getting rid of “fake Jewish or Israeli products and businesses destructive to Israel.” Educate folks about this. The supplying of weapons to terrorists, also educate your own volunteers thoroughly and weed out the ones who are coming off anti-Semitic they may be detractors in disguise. I know you love Israel, I can tell, the Holy Spirit’s all over you!

Also if you are a college or university professor refuse to teach anti-Semitic curriculum. You have a responsibility too. If you are liberal, Progressive or whatever please understand that we are not all interested in hate-filled tirades. If you are conservative (and I’m conservative myself and I know this is out there it’s in the minority of course,) but remember that we are not all alike in thought and deed. Nobody’s perfect, but we should strivfe to be so.

Respect others opinions if they are valid, but if it is based on this kind of dsetructive rhetoric that promotes hate and creates fear don’t go there. If you are are angry at Israel or America, please say why and be articulate and clear but don’t threaten, mistreat, or abuse people. There’s room for discussion let’s keep it open but let’s keep it non-threatening. If you see this kind of junk going on, CALL THE POLICE, CAMPUS POLICE OR HOMELAND SECURITY! Contact methods:, 911, and please don’t report people just for having different political beliefs than yourself! This is destructive and wastes time among other things. Also for college students who may not realize this. There are Communist/Fascist elements in our universities trying to tear us apart. We need to avoid these things. This is what is going on they’ve been there for decades and if you get a professor like that,get out of that classroom and even protest their presence on campus. Let me define this:

SOCIALISM is a far-left form of politics that leads to a Communist tyrannical political government. They dumb you down and ridicule you if you believe in a Judeo-Christian worldview. All three, Socialism, Communism, and Fascism are dangerous to humanity and freedom. You’re at a time of you lives when you are getting educated to have your freedom from your parents. Learn to be free and responsible as well as respectful. This is going on in both countries. Here’s a web site to check out: There are also on this film writers and political figures on here who will help you understand what you are dealing with. Don’t go to protest if you know that it is anti-Semitic or hateful. Let me also give you an example of what is not: When you hear about people who claim to be Jewish and aren’t, this is not a slur. The names you’ll hear: Rockefeller and Rothschild to name a few, they are not practicing Judaism and so on. There is a reference in the Bible in Revelation 2:9-10, The group is straight-up referred to as the Synagogue of Satan. They’ve been around for centuries and the membership has changed over the centuries. You want to protest something? Protest the destruction of our culture by these people. Boycott their products, and start up companies to replace the negative with positive. This is a power struggle for the very future of America. Don’t let them win!

Bare Naked Islam

Mohammad calls in to the Arlene Bynon radio show on AM 640 to protest the Metro Toronto Police Service’s plan to recruit more Muslim women by putting together a special hijab (headbag)-ready version of the uniform.

Toronto Sun  Some might hail such a move as another shining example of “reasonable accommodation”; other look upon this directive as another assault against Canadian traditions.

Yet again, a public institution appears to be bowing to the tyranny of political correctness — bending over backwards to accommodate certain individuals, some of whom are quite unaccommodating of western values.

Contrary to widespread popular belief, the Qur’an doesn’t mandate Muslim women to wear the hijab. If anything, the hijab is a political statement and a symbol of fundamentalism. Imagine if a citizen was to call the cops regarding a suspected honour killing and the policewoman who responds is decked out in a hijab? Would this…

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