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This is for anybody who’s Coptic Christian and it’s about your elections. Don’t support Islamists  or anybody left-leaning. You are being manipulated by a man named GEORGE SOROS,  (GYORGY SCHWARZ) He has a long history of economically destroying countries and leaving them depleted of any economic viability. He is also a Communist. He’s gotten together with American Unions like a group called SEIU to try to subvert the election process over here. Also, don’t allow the junta that Mubarak put in place to stay in power. If you really want Egypt free, this is essential. I apologize for being late on this and sounding like I’m trying to cause trouble. I TOTALLY SCREWED SOMETHING UP AND I’M EMBARRASSED! I got into this idiotic thing without enough information about who you were dealing with. THESE PEOPLE ARE DANGEROUS AND YOU NEED A PRESIDENT WHO WILL EITHER KICK THEM OUT OF IMPRISON THEM (KICK OUT WOULD BE BEST CONSIDERING.) If you were going to prosecute, send them to the Hague- what is going on is a war crime!!!!! It is being perpetuated by a nosy president over here and I’m not amused! First he tried to pass for Muslim that gets a price on his head in the Middle East (what an idiot!) I’m referring to Barack not the previous one. I’m very concerned for you all. Also, somebody messed with my Internet security and messed with this blog and I’m still trying to find some missing materials. right now. OPPOSE ANYTHING ARAB SPRING AND PUT A STOP TO IT!



I’m sure that people have heard this word a million times and wondered what people are talking about. Well, herein lies the rub, If you look in the U.S. Constitution, the word is NEVER USED!  The criteria that they used they put into the ARTICLES of the Constitution. Not the AMENDMENTS. The Amendments can be changed by an act of Congress, The Articles may have different criteria I’m not sure, All I know is you can’t just say it and POOF you’re ELIGABLE that’s the word you’re looking for, not ELECTABLE.

The requirements for ELIGABILITY are in ARTICLE II subsection 4 of the Constitution couple this with the 13th, 14th, and possibly the 15th Amendments and you have EXACTLY  who is eligable.  Read this and YOU HAVE THE CASE TO IMPEACH THE CUREENT ONE! Also look at t. he model we have for the presidency for the past two centuries and you got it.

 George Washington is the model by the way folks. I suggest you get a copy of his 37 volumes if you can find a copy. Try the GPO Government Printing Office and if you can’t find it there go to: or even to Glenn Beck’s site he’s put together a book on George Washington. You’re best option is Wallbuilders, they have all kinds of original documents from our history. Also see if the Library of Congress has a copy of Washington’s volumes on electronic media or something, You want HIS NAME ON THE WRITINGS not somebody else’s, a person always gives you a glimpse into themselves when you read their journals and writings and THAT’S  what I’m talking about getting. I plan on doing it myself. I’d advise you all to get copies of said documents on electronic media if possible and read them. We are looking for a decent Christian leader, a person who respects the rule of law and the U,S, Constitution especially the rules that limit presidential power which as I said is in ARTICLE 2.  

For thelongeset time we’ve allowed men to run and not checked for eligability because the criteria has been one of trust. However, since the Progressives have been taking away our actual information about these requirements they’ve gotten away with violating it left, right, and center. This is unacceptable we need to educate those in the Occupy Movement about the Constitution. Here’s where to go to get copies of the Constitution and the operating manual for it:,,,, , www.campamerican,com ,

This is also important, if you can get your kids out of the public schools by putting them into a Christian school or even home school them, do it. They are using them as “transmission belts for socialism” and if we don’t stop this now, we won’t be free by the end of it.

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We Have a Problem: Tort Reform Approach

Law library books

Law library books (Photo credit: j3net)


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