11 Feb

When I was much older, God gave me the Holy Spirit- I’ve seen GOd do things that have blown my mind! He’s once again protected me from danger growing up! An out of control alcoholic father who could’ve hurt me or even worse! Wow is God a great bodyguard or what? Like I said before, I love my parents and I realize that nobody’s perfect (except Christ Himself.) When I became Spirit-activated, I didn’t understand it the first time around. I was a new Christian and it really scared me at first because I’d been taught wrong about God.

 Well, I ended up leaving and going somewhere I was taught properly about things I don’t want to share church names that wouldn’t be fair tothem consideringwhere they are now. I left on good terms and started praying for them. That was all I felt free to do. Jeuss has made some MIRACULOUS CHANGES AT BOTH CHURCHES AS A A RESULT! NEW PASTORS, NEW PEOPLE IN THE COMNGREGATIONS- NOW THAT’S COOL!

What I learned was that GOD IS REAL SO IS THE HOLY SPIRIT AND NOBODY CAN MESS WITH THAT!!!!  I praise God that I learned this because what it did for me opened up the access to His power to do minstry the way I should. I asked as a result for the ministry that I’m in to be credible. I realized if i didn’t I’d be the biggest joke in the Kingdom and I’m not into being the “court jester” in that case.

I also found out as a young Christian that I was called to prophetic ministry and that doesn’t work without the Holy Spirit at all! So try explaining that to a pastor who doesn’t think the Holy Spirit is active. I don’t feel comfortable about the idea that He’s not- I’m the kind of person who needs that to be real or I’m in more trouble than ever!

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