13 Feb

Are you a member of the New World Order? Are you a Global Internationalist and LOVE INTERNATIONAL STUFF? Me too. I’m not an “official member of the NWO/GI community, but I’m concerned about you folks. I’m sure somebody’d gonna go: “Oh this is just F******* great some IDIOT wants me to “Come to Jesus!” Let me say something here- 1. I’M NO “IDIOT!” 2.  If you think that- guess what? 3. I’m only doing my job and telling you that there is a better way.

 I don’t wanna see people hurt especially when they die- do you know how Stalin died? He slowly choked to death on his own blood after having a stroke. He was a Globalist and a Communist. That’s no way to die! Can you find Bibles  that are electronic? YES!!!!!  They’re online at the following:,, (you can get them on implantable chips here.)     

By theway, you can find some really good Study Bibles as well. Thompson’s Chain Reference, $90.00 it’s worth it! Practically an encyclopedia of knowledge! The Nelson Study Bible, $60.00, Amplified Bible $6.00-60.00  depending on what you get- paperback, hardback, bonded leather. There’s also Bible study Software out there as well.  PC Bible, E-Bible, Compton’s Intereactive Bible NIV, QuickVerse   you can get QiuckVerse a t a mininstry called E-4 Group for free and ugrade it if you like, Just type in  Bibles and Bible software and you’ll see all kinds of stuff. I’m not trying to drive you nuts, I just really would like to see you all in Eternity with me instead of being tortured by separation from God (Trust me, it’s no fun, I even tried an experiment that would upset my pastor and YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SEPARATED FROM GOD! THIS ISN’T LIKE A MIXED DRINK WHERE YOU CAN MIX ALCOHOL WITH ANYTHING YOU LIKE AND IT TAASTES GOOD!) By the way, the experiment was ACCIDENTAL! Don’t ask!

 As a Christian, I DO feel like an idiot but I did it for good reason, because if I come to you and I’ve never been where you are, you won’t believe me. SO FOR THOSE OF YOU TRYING TO ‘MIX AND MATCH RELIGIONS,” STOP IT! You’re gonna get yourself killed! I spent a few years trying to “Get back” to Jesus and suddenly realized one day I needed to be re-baptized and I did it. To those of you who’ve been playing games with yourselves and God- STOP IT THIS IS YOUR LIFE YOU’RE MESSING WITH!!!!! Stay away from Bohemian Grove and do Bible study at home or wherever but for God’s sake I’m not kidding this is REAL people! Here’s where you can go to accept Christ:, ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Love you guys! Including you folks who can’t stand me!


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