20 Feb

I was checking my mail and went on a site I think I’ve shared: How To Vanish and they showed a site that can protect your whole computer.  It’s not a free proxy server either. In fact it’s $107.00 USD but here’s what I’m gonna say, considering all the WEIRD CRAP GOING ON YOU NEED TO GET THIS PRODUCT! It’s used by the US Govt. to protect their computers and you RARELY hear about them getting messed with really and if you do, it’s probably either rare or they just nailed a hacker/cyber-terrorist (real ones.) This is what I’m going to suggest: ALL YOU TEA PARTIERS BETTER GET THIS THING NOW!!!!! THE SAME WITH OTHER ORGANIZATIONS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN INFILTRATED BY THE SOROS/OBAMA/COMMUNIST PARTY MACHINE! GET THIS TECHNOLOGY YOU’RE GONNA NEED IT!!!!

I won’t tell you if I’ve got it yet or not for my own reasons. This is PRIMO TECHNOLOGY!!!!! I’D EVEN INVEST IN THE TECH STOCK! LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN AND LET’S STAY FREE DOING IT THE RIGHT WAY!!!!! WHEN I SAY REVOLUTION I’M NOT ADVOCATING VIOLENCE! THIS MAY EVEN HELP ANONYMOUS AS WELL.  My message to ANONYMOUS is this: only take down the real bad guys, real terrorists (example HAMAS or Hezbollah.) You get the idea. We can affect other companies by doing boycotts of products and stocks it sends a LOUD AND CLEAR MESSAGE FAR BETTER THAN ATTACKING WEB SITES UNLESS YOU WANT TO END UP LIKE ASSANGE AND WIKILEAKS YOU’LL LISTEN TO ME!!!!! STOP ATTACKING WEBSITES AND DO APPROPRIATE ACTION. Here’s the site: Indentity Cloaker

Get it and stay free!!!!!!!!!!!!

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