30 Jul

Denotchka's Press Club Express

What you must learn — NOW — about the Devil.

I knoww Halloween’s over, but this isn’t just about Halloween, Satan’s real folks and that STUPID CARICATURE we have of him is dangerous. Satan can even look HUMAN let me put it this way, the spirit of antichrist doesn’t look like that 14th century caricature, if you’re not careful (as some are fond of saying right now) you may have elected him. There’s a BIG DIFFERENCE between the spirit of anti-christ, the devil or satan, and the son of perdition that becomes the Anti-Christ of the Book of  Revelation. This book and several other good books out there can tell you what you need to know, but the most important one of all is the Holy Bible . I treat it like the old American Express card commercial says: “don’t leave home without it!” I’d like to encourage you not…

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