01 Aug


Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

Debate has raged for the last 3 years about this and I’m ont only disappointed with the supreme Court’s decisions, I think we should start the impeachment process for those who are determined to enslave us to this horrendous law and not only that but we need to shut down any University that is OVERRUN with far left educators. Here’s why I’m speaking out right now. I’m not doing so good. I’m requesting prayer from you folks who are my readers. This isn’t a deadly issue as far as I can tell, but I need to destroy some non-cancerous objects in my body and I would like to do it naturally but right now, I’m concerned that in the current state of things that if I discuss at length the idea of treating this naturally that I’m going to be prescribed psychotropic medication especially if this gets any worse. I prefer a natural approach but with the way the Supreme Coutrt is treating this, it’s not funny. I tell you what, how about we FORCE YOU IN THE SUPREME COURT to put up with this as well. THIS IS NOT A TAX IT’S A GENODCIDE BILL AND I REFUSE OT BE LECTURED BY AND TALKED DOWN TO BY A BUNCH OF PEOPLE THAT I’M NOW SCRATCHING MY HEAD AND WONDERING IF THEY FAILED THEIR BAR EXAM! WAKE UP PEOPLE WE NEED TO IMPEACH THE GUYS WHO UPHELD THIS THING AND WE CAN DO IT! I REFUSE TO SUBMIT TO A MANIACAL POLITICAL FIGURE (I DARE NOT CALL THIS GUY A “LEADER” HE’S NOT!) I’VE HAD IT! IT’S IN THE U.S. CONSTITUTION AND NO I’M NOT NUTS EITHER! SO THOSE OF YOU GLOBALIST MEMBERS  OF THE GOVERNMENT WHO THINK YOU WILL SUCCEED IN ENSLAVING US YOU ARE DEAD WRONG AND THIS IS NOT GOING TO GO WELL WITH YOU LEGALLY OR EVEN PROFESSIONALLY YOU BEST RESIGN NOW AND GET OUT OF OUR WAY! NOBODY SHUTS ME UP OR SHUTS ME DOWN AND MY HEALTH AND POLITICAL FREEDOM ARE PARAMOUNT HERE. I’M TIRED OF BEING BULLIED AND I’VE BEEN BULLIED ALL MY LIFE SO I ONLY HAVE ONE THING TO SAY HERE- LOOK OUT YOU’VE JUST TICKED ME OFF IN A WAY YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND! ATTENTION ALL PROPHETIC AND ORAYER WARRIORS OUT THERE, LET’S DO SOME SERIOUS WAR FARE NOW!


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