No Ron Paul revolution at convention – James Hohmann –

25 Aug

No Ron Paul revolution at convention – James Hohmann –

Okay, this is for all you ROMNEY PEOPLE OUT THERE! You need to do your homework! I’m sick of being ignored and I DEMAND- YES I SAID DEMAND  to be heard! Mitt isn’t Mitt folks! HIS NAME IS WILLARD. M. ROMNEY. His dad’s name is Goerge Romney, George was a COMMUNIST and he was a friend of SAUL ALINSKY you know the guy that wrote Rules for Radicals ?  Well if you don’t wake up this is gonna get worse! Romney is a snake oil salesman and he’s out to rip us all off, take the moeny and run. I’m tired of being ignored here and treated like I’m nuts. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! To the RON PAUL delegates, it’s time for you to recruit like crazy and get your buns into the convention! DO IT EN MASSE NOW AND WHO CARES WHAT THE RNC  WANTS! THEY HAVE NO FREAKING RESPECT FOR US OBVIOUSLY OTHERWISE THEY WOULDN’T BE PULLING THIS JUNK WE’VE GOT THEM ON THE RUN AND WE NEED TO ASSERT OURSELVES AND BE HEARD THIS LIMP-WRISTED WALLFLOWER CRAP HAS TO GO! GET IN THERE AND LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD AND I DON’T JUST MEAN CHEER FOR RON! GET YOUR BUNS MOVING AND SHUT DOWN THE CONVENTION IF YOU HAVE TO BUT DO IT! THIS IS NON- NEGOTIABLE I’M SICK OF FEELING LIKE WE HAVE NO POWER HERE! DON’T LET YOURSELVES BE SILENCED!!!!!



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