R. Lee Ermey’s 1st Amendment Rights Violated By GEICO

27 Aug

English: GEICO logo

English: GEICO logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ever have one of those days a t work that you end up regretting? R. Lee Ermey the well known actor from such movies as Full Metal Jacket and Gardens of Stone was fired from his advertising job at GEICO  when he went to do a USMC  fundraiser for TOYS FOR TOTS. Nobody at TOYS FOR TOTS seemed to have a problem wth what was said but apparently Warren Buffett of GEICO  did where Ermey was doing a commercial for GEICO and apparently was fired from his jobs as spokesman for GEICO.

I have a serious problem with GEICO, and Warren Buffett if he thinks this is funny. The current president is a political nightmare and a hard-core Communist. Research has bore this out over a period of 4 years. Even Warren Buffett who favors the president’s tax hike on the rich has sued the administration over his taxes and wants his money back. hypocrisy runs deep for Warren apparently. GEICO, and Berkshire Hathaway have lost my vote on this one. Warren needs to wake up. This is AMERICA first of all and he could get dragged into court for corporate fascism and for violating his Constitutional and civil rights. I hope Warren Buffett wakes up and smells the coffee before his profits tank and people start scratching their heads over his sharpness again. 


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