02 Sep

Mohamed, a Muslim wearing the cross in solidar...

Mohamed, a Muslim wearing the cross in solidarity with Christians (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A view of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood....

I was sitting on the bus one day last week  and I wondered what some people were talking about. I heard a phrase I hadn’t heard since I was in school. “white man’s privilege.” Now for the kids,they won’t “get” this phrase unless they’ve heard it recently. I sort of understand it because I’m white but if you think I’m  buying into it- you gotta be kidding me! When I heard it, (okay I was eavesdropping a little,) I didn’t want to get into the conversation though. I’ve wanted to start 5 or 6 businesses, but due to weird stuff going on, about taxes and budgets and INSANELY CORRUPT POLITICIANSI haven’t been able to.

I don’t like racism period. My message is- THERE’S ROOM FOR ALL OF US OF ALL COLORS AND BACKGROUNDSJews and Christians are covered by the Abrahamic Covenant so are all folks of that ilk. I’m not trying to cut out Muslims I’m just trying to figure out how that fits….. their interpretation of it is totally different.

Back to what I said though. This phrase “white man’s privilege,” has some NASTY connotation if it’s addressed wrong no either side. I’m not even sure I want to know what started it. Slavery comes to mind and I hate that with a DEEP DARK PURPLE PASSION! I’m guessing it started in Europe and turned into a prevailing attitude by the rich. which is the worst thing you can do is assume that you’re “all that a bag of chips and a lare cup of cappuccino”, not to denigrate the Cappucine monks who came up with this concoction of course.

That can be a very hateful way to think that somebody with darker skin not matter the shade is lesser than you! I’m sorry, but God created us IN HIS IMAGE!  He just took 5 different types of soil and figured: “Let’s see what they do with this.” In Genesis 3 the experiment fell apart because that’s when we atarted realizing we looked different (that was more about gender, but soon after color and all other issues started up.) So we have to stop using things like this as an excuse to mistreat others. I’ve heard about honkies,  crackers and  (the “n” word) all my life. Some of them being some pretty racially charged language and the kind of stuff that starts fights and shootings etc. When I was little apparently my dad remembers this but I don’t.  We had the Klan in our end of town throwing a fit about busing and things like this. I get the impression that this was a very dangerous time for my dad since he was a cop. Not an enviable place to be sure. I couldn’t believe that my neighborhood was that messed up. I’ve always tried to learn from the mistakes my parent made.  I guess  I’m not too sure about what I’m doing right now, however I know I need to take better care of me. The thing is we need to look beyond the surface and learn to love and respect one another for who we are. and not allow the “small stuff” get in the way.



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