14 Sep!/

I’m VERY ANGRY  right now. WE NEED TO GET THIS GUY OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE AND WHAT I’D LIKE TO DO I ‘M CONCERNED THAT IF I SAID WHAT SHOULD BE DONE I’D GET AN MIB VISIT and frankly i don’t feel like putting up with thes overzealous nuts right now. I truly can’t wait till we get this investigated and the officials responsible for this behaiovr and behind bars.

For those of you who think that this is imposible: go here: and look up the paperwork on how to porsecute corrput government offiicals. It’s a lot of paperwork, but it’s worth it and I daresay I’m tired of piutting up with this junk. By theway, if you have REAL EVIDIENCE  about this or over government incidents that have happened ver the past 70 years, GET THIS PAPAERWORK AND LET’S GET THESES WHACKIS! I know this sounds nuts, but that’s the whole point, whatthey’ve DONE is nuts! Let’s  get jsut ice for the Stevens family.

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