22 Sep

This is icon for social networking website. Th...

This is icon for social networking website. This is part of Open Icon Library’s webpage icon package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Human Rights

EVerybody knows about different social networking sites. Social Networking has come under government attack because of the equalizing political effect. Actuallym this is good. It will stop all this tyranny around the world and we can even reach into Islamic nations and help them deal with the human rights abuses that take place on a daily basis. We still need to find a way for political equalization in those countries in particular. If you need to start one of your own, there are places on here where you can. Even WORDPRESS has one and I’m considering one from it myself. I’m getting VERY TIRED OF PUTTING UP WITH “THE KGB” in our government. No insult meant to the Russian government, but my own is making me nuts right now and if any of you guys in Russia are Christians,  PRAY FOR US! We need all the prayer cover we can get!

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