26 Sep

This is hardly a professional way to deal with the media. If a member of the government started using that kind of language around me, I’d not only leadve I’d report the incident to theirboss and demand action of some kind! If the press secretary for the State Department is that incompetent then she needs to hire somebdoy who is or somebody who doesn’t do that. These are not the kind of headlines that this Adminsitration needs. For the past four years, all I’ve heard about is the profanity-laced Admininstration of Barack Obama. I will say this just because Dick Cheney and Patrick Lahey acted likea bunch of goofballs on the Senate floor and said something to one another that on Senator or member of the House of Representatives should that is not a precursor to letting foul language run wild throughout the government. Now if this is being fabricated, I’m still disappointed because I don’t cover lies. I’m only covering the Stevens thing because it’s news. I’m concerned however that I need to make it clear that this is a First Amendmnet issue, but I really think there’s no place for foul language or verbal abuse of any kind in the government. Our image is tarnished enough without this kind of idiocy.

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