30 Sep

I’ve only got one thing to say to my detractors: IF YOU CAN’T TAKE THE HEAT GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN!!  If ZELMA whoever you are dear lady is reading this, I’m not writing because I WANT ATTENTION! I write because it’s something I do well and it was given to me by the Holy Spirit. No I’m not perfect (I only know ONE PERSON like that and He trumps all other religious figures hands down. He even trumps Moses so I’m at peace and if I ruffled your feather, then I did my job and thank you for the compliment. I’m hoping that this gets to the person who commented on here earlier and you know who you are. I’m not amused by those who try to shut me down. Even if I know and love them. (that’s a general love for those of you wondering- it’s in CHRISTIAN TERMS ALONE!)

If this was a veilied attempte by anybody close to me to make a statemnt about my computre time,  this is the best way I know to deal with some ofthe frustation and i deal with the rotten stuffoff- keyboard and I’m working on some thnigs right now. YES I’M WILLING TO BE TRANSPARENT AS ASK FOR PRAYER FROM MY READERS! I’M IN SREIOUS NEED OF IT! By the way ZELMA, we’ll keep you in prayer you jealous thing! Also hpypocrisy is something nobody likes, true and I struggle with things a lot because I’ve been through a lot of spritual warfare and yes even soem human bullying. i COULD REALLY USE PRAYER BADLY! So bearthat in mind- peopel lgo through LIFE and sometimes if affects faith and recovery from attack can be very hard at times. I even know a fellow prophetic sister in the Lord (2 in fact that are going through a lot right now.) SO I know I’m not alone..


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