12 Oct

Let me be very straight with you. The Holy Bible has never been nor shall it EVER be a piece of “socialist propaganda” Jesus Christ was not a Marxist is not a Marxist and never will be either. I ran into one on the bus and she thought I was one when I said we ought to get rid of the 2- tier economic system we have, We should but that is not about socialism, that’s about REAL EQUALITY. I’m not playing your dumb game for nothing and you’ve made a major mistake with me, I was raised by a cop and a U.S. Marine and I love America. As a matter of fact, Karl Marx was an atheist and he had no relationship with God. As as matter of fact, he turned away from Judaism all because his dad became a Lutheran to use it for business purposes. The very idea is nuts that we need socialism and by the way, I’m not afraid of these people I know the Truth of God and the Gospel and I understand the Constitution and I have one more thing to say to them: YOU BETTER RUN BECAUSE NOBODY’S INTERESTED IN YOUR JUNK!!/photo.php?fbid=356348197786561&set=a.123759571045426.32875.123753431046040&type=1&theater


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