14 Oct

This is not funny in the least! I hope he wins and takes this all the way to the Supreme Court and reverses this malarkey! I also have been tired of what’s going on in my own city but I need to be able to feel safe even asking questions of any type as it stands, this is not funny in the least! I even moved to get away from video cameras in my own community (not because I’m criminal ,just tired of incessant peeping-tom-like surveillence in my won community. These video cameras aren’t just at intersections, they are ALL THE WAY DOWN THE FREAKING ROAD! the tyranny has to stop now! I live in District 25 in Derby City (if you live here you know what I mean.) I want somebody to get rid of DAVID YATESNOW! For those of you in the law enforcement community this is not the reitred cop, this guy is younger and he gives me the willies.I’m wondering if he even lives in the ditrict. I’ve never even heard of him and he’s PRO-OBAMA! YUCK! Here’s a photo:!/CouncilmanDavidYates?fref=ts


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