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I just read an article in my hometown newspaper that I usually don’t read to find myself HORRIFIED by the actions of a man who apparently made up some charge of blasphemy of Muhammad after  drunken brawl THAT WAS PROBABLY NOT PERPETUATED BY THE CHRISTIAN THAT WAS ACCUSED OF “BLASPHEMY”  I’m sorry, but to those of you in Pakistan that read this, you’ll have to excuse mem, but I’m just TIRED OF THIS! I’m concerned that if we don’t stop this violence involving Christians, it’s going to get out of hand.

II’m’ going to say something rather controversial: we need to quit doing this! If we are to stop terrorists (and I mean the real thing not”Al Qaeda” who is backed by far-left forces in the west. That’s what you want to destroy. De ent Christians who are truly practice their faith- no.

I also something to say to the Christian community in Pakistan, I’ve heard that there was retaliation. I hope not, because if there was you just blew your chance to witness to the Muslim community in your country. Yes, I know how dangerous it is. I’ve subscribed to Voice ofth Martyrs for years and I know it’s rough, but this is not going to solve the problem, It will just create another problem and that is A CREDIBILILTY ISSUE. In Egypt, both Muslims and Christians have gotten together and tried to stop the Islamist violence. See if you can do something about this because if you don’t you’ll wonder why you bothered. I know that “the west” aka America seems to be the problem, we are a little bit, but not everybody is like that over here. I’ve been appalled by what’s been done “in my name” and some of it should’ve never been done. Christ wouldn’t approve and neither do I. Get together with Imams and pastors and see what you can do, I know you have to deal with Sharia law, and it’s a bad joke, but don’t let yourselves be influenced by people who just want more violence. Here’s something that both communities will understand: DON’T LET SATAN WIN!!!!! BOth religions are stronger than satan. I’m not going to go into my qualms about Islam, we’ll discuss that later when things are calmer. DOn’t let the terrorists win. They think this is funny. Make sure you are the one laughing at them when they act this way because nobody will be laughing if they are dead. This is not an option for either group. If there have been laws passed to prevent Jews, Christians ,and Muslims from working together, the Lord will find a way, just ask Him.

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