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23 libertarian columnists launch Libertarian Party News outlet | PRLog

23 libertarian columnists launch Libertarian Party News outlet | PRLog.

I feel very stronglythat we need ot do this and give all American a voice and after the Republican Party basiclally treating myself and every other Republican who BUSTED THEIR HUMP to get Ron Paul where he needed to be to no avail and that the LAMESTREAM MEDIA has just dragged boththe TEA Party and the Patriot movemment through the mud, I have only one thing to say: IT’S ABOUT TIME! This has been one of the most brutal elections I’ve been through and I’m tired of being ridiculed, and smacked around that’s HIGH SCHOOL BEHABVIOR MENTALIY We nedto keep this adult, straightforqard and to the point. I’m an intelligent woman and I resent being treatedl ike junk by people who don’t even really know me. So to those of you who need to wake up, you better do it fast before they load ouy and the rest of us in a boxcar for a FEMA camp and you better quit telling us we’re full of crap because we’ve been born out to be right SO WAKE UP DARNIT!/strong>