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Bloodlines (novel)

Bloodlines (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is very exntensive research. I couldn’t duplicate it if I tried. Here’s why we should be concerned though, they still have political influence. All I can say is Read up!

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The Great Organic Deceivers

The Great Organic Deceivers.

As if we didn’t know!  The shocker for me is KASHI I’ve bought KASHI  fora long time and now I’m so mad, I could just scream! What the hell do we have to do to stay healthy? i JSUT GOT DONE GETTING RID OF KIDNEY STONES! WHAT? KIDNEY STONES?!?!?!?!?!?!?! THIS IS NUTS! OH, did I say “NUTS?” watch out fothose too. I’m very tired of dealing with betrayel on all levels. I’ve had it! Let’s send thse companies a serious message!

By theway, if  you know of omre companies doing this let me know. BURN UP THE COMMENT SECTION ON HERE WITH REAL SITES!





Stomping the Snake

Stomping the Snake (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

I’m going to warn you, this is a subjective not a researched piece. This one is from my own personal experience. In 1998, I was taking 2 very strong medications and had been doing so since I was 2 years old. I found out that these drugs had some serious side effects and decided to get off of them. They were anti-convulsants. One was a narcotic and the other a barbituate. I bet if I named the drugs, you’d gasp in recognition of where I’m going. When I was 26 I was trying to lose weight, and change my diet to take better care of myself. I was at the very beginning of this and the neurologist I had thought I was nuts. I won’t name him for that very reason (because frankly  I think HE is.) I’m no longer going to him at this time and never plan to go back. His attitude was despicable. I’m praying for him  however.

 Here’s what he did: I was on 100mg of one drug and 200 mg of the other one totaling 300 mg all together. and as far as I could tell, they were doing an okay job. except for a little. He proceeded to up the dose of the 200mg drug to 300mg and then to 330 mg. I didn’t like either one because I’m in martial arts. Tae Kwon Do and by the time he was done with me, it made Tae Kwon Do look like Tai Chi. If you know anything about martial arts, you realize HOW DANGEROUS THAT IS!! Also I was at a friends house during this time and she has a steep set of stairs to her basement. Somehow I’d forgotten how steep, and ended up falling down them. No, I don’t want money from her or anything, that was my fault. However, I could take this knucklehead who was tinkering with my meds to court though. He put my life in danger and I could’ve been killed had there not been a bubble in the paneling in her basement. The neurologist claimed that the 330 mg of this was “an adult dose” of the medication. This medication is a barbituate and a VERY STRONG MEDICINE TO BEGIN WITH! THERE’S A REASON YOU NEED A PRESCRIPTION FOR THIS MEDICATION! I was convinced he was nuts and here’s why: As a Christian, I was not about to let some medical professional get in the way of my relationship to with the Lord Jesus Christ. I was FURIOUS AT THIS DUDE!  Who did he think he was? I couldn’t believer this. he was Jewish, but I wonder where his relationship to God is. I’m sure those of you in the medical profession are wanting me to get to the “ethics” part of this right? Well here it is: Are medical professionals being taught right in medical school and are drug companies using them as drug pushers? BIG PHARMA has come out with some really cool sounding stuff to consumers and medical professionals, but are we willing to “count the cost?” and I’m not just talking dollars and cents.  No, I don’t want microchips in my food, my meds, my clothing and God forbid under my skin. the FDA  hasn’t even approved said products yet and the cry and hue is”: GET YOUR MICROCHIPS!” Sorry, I’m even wary of POTATO CHIPS right now never mind MICROCHIPS!  As a Trek fan it’s to quote my favorite character: “FASIBATING!” but on a spiritual end he’d agree “IT’S ILLOGICAL” T o suppose that everybody would want this type of technology. The ethical questions that were being discussed on STAR TREK 20 years ago are being implementad because “WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY TO”…….  Sorry folks, here’s another  quote: “Just because we can do a thing doesn’t  mean that we must.” Gen Krag STAR TREK 6: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY. I agree- now I’m taking it out of cnntext, but the point is made: We shouldn’t, not if it’s going to violate the Primer Directive or if you want the current documentation, the U.S.  Constituion. I hope you realize that there is a connection between the 2. I know I’ve probably jsut LOST THE MEDICAL CROWD! I can just hear from the grave: “Damn bucket of bolts, YOU’RE TAKING MY MOLECUES APART!” ;D  

BACK TO MY POINT: This is getting out of control. We have a really col Constitution, a really cool lifestye and a choice of things. What the Supreme Court has done IS unethical all the while the medical community because of the president’s imposition of this insane law- it’s not a Constitutional Amendment,and really holds no national and/or Federal power behind it. if I were A MEDICA PROFESSIONAL,  I’d not only opt ou, I wouldn’t give any attention to this idiotic legal piece of dung.

Os I guess you’re wondering about my “experiment?” I’m fine, I found out that the initiai diagnosis was a high fever when Iwas 2 that caused a seizure. this is a common thing amongst children and should not be treated as if it we Epilepsy. C;assic congential Epiliepsy is out of  control seizures that cannot be treated even with meds. It cases all types of braon dammage and can kill somebody. My “experiemnt” also included prayer and fsting  as well. Because the Lord told me that this was no the true diagnosis and I needed to get off of it and stay off completely. I found after going off of it, that I WAS ROYALLY TICKED OFF!!!!! i’M STILL TRYINGTO GET THE ANGER UNDER CONTROL AND WALK ON MYSELF WITHTHE LORD AND GET THINGS RIGHT.

Now to bring you up to date, I’m in the process of dealing with a kidney issue and the ER  physician is an inscure little guy, he tried to tunr me away from doing natural medical alternatives by attackingtheplace I’ve shopped at. I odn’t know WHEN  this happened at GNC,  but he swears they found SHREDDED NEWSPAPER in their products a few years ago. I wouldn’t know…… I do know this, that’s the last time I go to that particular hospital until Mr. Insecure leaves there, I’m not going back to them. I’m also moving my meidcal records to another hospital.  So ask yourself this one if you’re in medicine: Who was  Hippocrates  and why did he write that WEIRD OATH? Also bear in mind, he’d not only be freaked out by the advances, but he’d probably have a different cultural, ethnic and ethical attitude. there’s a part ofthe oath that goes like this: “do no harm unless you must.” he wouldn’t see the things that we have as ” a must.” SO………. If you are an medical doctor of any kind, and I don’t care where you graduated from, (even Johns Hopkins University or some other prestigious institute.) If you havea problem with NATURAL MEDICINE:

1. Get a natural medicine degree.

 2. Do your own investigatione of the facts on this tyo=pe of medicine,

3. If you still have a problem with natural medicine, take it up with God- He created this stuff and gave knowledge about it, and I doubt you want to debate the Creatoro fo the Universe about His creation. This could get VERY NASTY if the wrong attitude is expressed. We are talkinga being who can shoot lightening bolts from His eyes, kill 450 peopole for being occultic booobs, and flood the world in a spn of 15 minutes. I wouldn’t mess with Him- would you?


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Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

Debate has raged for the last 3 years about this and I’m ont only disappointed with the supreme Court’s decisions, I think we should start the impeachment process for those who are determined to enslave us to this horrendous law and not only that but we need to shut down any University that is OVERRUN with far left educators. Here’s why I’m speaking out right now. I’m not doing so good. I’m requesting prayer from you folks who are my readers. This isn’t a deadly issue as far as I can tell, but I need to destroy some non-cancerous objects in my body and I would like to do it naturally but right now, I’m concerned that in the current state of things that if I discuss at length the idea of treating this naturally that I’m going to be prescribed psychotropic medication especially if this gets any worse. I prefer a natural approach but with the way the Supreme Coutrt is treating this, it’s not funny. I tell you what, how about we FORCE YOU IN THE SUPREME COURT to put up with this as well. THIS IS NOT A TAX IT’S A GENODCIDE BILL AND I REFUSE OT BE LECTURED BY AND TALKED DOWN TO BY A BUNCH OF PEOPLE THAT I’M NOW SCRATCHING MY HEAD AND WONDERING IF THEY FAILED THEIR BAR EXAM! WAKE UP PEOPLE WE NEED TO IMPEACH THE GUYS WHO UPHELD THIS THING AND WE CAN DO IT! I REFUSE TO SUBMIT TO A MANIACAL POLITICAL FIGURE (I DARE NOT CALL THIS GUY A “LEADER” HE’S NOT!) I’VE HAD IT! IT’S IN THE U.S. CONSTITUTION AND NO I’M NOT NUTS EITHER! SO THOSE OF YOU GLOBALIST MEMBERS  OF THE GOVERNMENT WHO THINK YOU WILL SUCCEED IN ENSLAVING US YOU ARE DEAD WRONG AND THIS IS NOT GOING TO GO WELL WITH YOU LEGALLY OR EVEN PROFESSIONALLY YOU BEST RESIGN NOW AND GET OUT OF OUR WAY! NOBODY SHUTS ME UP OR SHUTS ME DOWN AND MY HEALTH AND POLITICAL FREEDOM ARE PARAMOUNT HERE. I’M TIRED OF BEING BULLIED AND I’VE BEEN BULLIED ALL MY LIFE SO I ONLY HAVE ONE THING TO SAY HERE- LOOK OUT YOU’VE JUST TICKED ME OFF IN A WAY YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND! ATTENTION ALL PROPHETIC AND ORAYER WARRIORS OUT THERE, LET’S DO SOME SERIOUS WAR FARE NOW!


Big Pharma nanotechnology encodes pills with tracking data that you swallow

Big Pharma nanotechnology encodes pills with tracking data that you swallow.






Read this and call your Congressman to show full support!


Rand Paul: Im a Fan of Divided Government

With 37 incoming members who also identify themselves as Tea Party politicians, it wont be his affiliation that makes Sen.-Elect Rand Paul R-Ky. unique on

via Rand Paul: Im a Fan of Divided Government.

I have something I’d like to say here. This aimed squarely at the incoming Congress: Please debate civilly and humanely. Whenever I’ve turned on C-SPAN, all I’ve seen is SCREAMING, YELLING, AND DIVISIVE BEHAVIOR. It reminds me of watching my parents fight when I was a little kid. Also remember, there are going to be SCHOOLCHILDREN who take field trips to Washington, D.C. to see how government operates. Here’s what they DON’T NEED TO SEE- a bunch of adults acting crazy. I’m glad you’re doing the Constitutional Caucus, make sure that there is a small Bible study and prayer too. Don’t leave that out and please don’t get pc with each other, that doesn’t help either, it makes things worse.

Remember, RESPECT ONE ANOTHER’S BELIEFS AS WELL. This is not just political, it’s spiritual and it lends to our diversity. Remember, E Pluribus Unum or “Out of many one.” That’s what that phrase means. It also lends to unity, NOT UNIFORMITY.  The latter looks WEIRD and can lead to a satanic atmosphere. This is so important- we’ve had A CENTURY  AND A HALF of really bad decisions and it has torn at the fabric of our society. Let’s set things right and don’t try to “reinvent the wheel.” Restore the Constitution, get rid of ROTTEN LEGISLATION, come up with better alternatives. Do nothing to threaten our sovereignty we’ve had enough of  that. We need our currency, and the Bill of Rights protected not stripped. We need to get things back in better shape. Put things in way better shape than when you got here.

I like what Rand said and I agree, I’ve seen them do REALLY GOOD WORK like this and we need to reinstate the best and better programs that make America who she is and makes us free and not tethered to government. I would like to see some serious changes to Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and other stuff that really needs to change. Including housing. A lot of this stuff can be done in good quality and for less. I’ve sent Rand some ideas and I’m hoping to be able to see them implemented somehow. I don’t expect perfect, but I do expect things to be better than they have been.

I’d like to see people of all stripes and walks of life to be able to take what they have and implement them without the government looking at them like their nuts. This even includes the disabled some of whom feel very disenfranchised from the American way of life. We live in good circumstances some of us, but some of us are being prevented in the workplace from excelling. I’m not referring to a lot of folks, but I’m trying to start some businesses and having a tough time gettingthem going because I’m concerned about these stupid “right to work” laws that they’ve been trying to pass. I thought we ALL had a “right to work” what the heck is this? I’m tired of feeling like I’m getting ready to lose something. I’m not a big fan of unions either, they cost taxpayers way too much money and I’m concerned that we are being ripped off by the system in some really big ways.

We’re having to deal with substandard education for black kids and that SHOULD NOT BE GOING ON NOW! To say that ticks me off is an understatement and I’m not black- weird huh? Let’s go out there  and show America what we’re made of folks and get this show on the road! As for Rand, GO FOR IT AND DON’T LET ANYTHING STOP YOU!


New Dept. of Homeland Security Advisor is an Islamist

New Dept. of Homeland Security Advisor is an Islamist.


I want this guy arrested if this guy arrested if this is true.



I’ve been watching all the controversy about GOOGLE  and I never liked them to begin with. I’m a writer and the first thing I noticed was the name. That made me suspicious. GOOGLE- break it apart and you get GO OGLE or go look. Now that’s all well and good as long as you are the only one looking.  It’s when you do what GOOGLE has done that it really causes pain and causes FEAR. They took money from the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. Guys, that WREAKS  of corruption and evil intent. Are they the good guys or the bad guys right? Now don’t get me wrong, I support the Agency when it comes to doing all the things they LEGITIMATELY DO. But all this illegal crap- narcotics, spying on their fellow citizens, treating people like THEY’RE STUPID! Once again- it’s almost like an elite group of weirdos that doesn’t know when to stop.

I’ve had enough of the this crap.  If I were a lot of folks with GOOGLE, I’d drop ’em. They don’t respect anybody’s privacy. As a matter of fact, any search engine that doesn’t ought to be devested and sold. This is wholly despicable and the president should be stripped of all political power at this point and investigated. I’m not living in the Soviet Union and I refuse to live in the Soviet Union. If this puts me on “THE LIST”  I really don’t give a crap. I’m FINISHED WITH THE OPPRESSIVE CRAP AROUND HERE! This next message is to the FBI- do your job and get this tyrant out of office!


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