THIS IS A NEW PAGE FOR VOICE OF THE MARTYRS. I’m appalled at the way China behaved during the 2008 Olympics and I still question why we would even send the disabled over there for Special Olympics. I feel exploited by my own government and by a bunch of communist dictators who don’t care about nybody but themselves. To the disabled community- wise up and never let this happen again. They think that just because we are “different” that means “stupid” I don’t think so, please don’t let our Christian and disabled brothers and sisters be exploited and abusesd by a Communist system that framkly cares nothing for them. The next time you see a product marked “made in China” don’t buy it. Check for made in Taiwan they have a democratic system, China doesn’t.

Check for any label: made in America, made in Taiwan do your homework, some products are faked and made in China. Be careful. I’ve had it with this junk. Dog food that gives your dog cancer, toys made with lead paint, I’m afraid to find out what else these Commie nut-jobs have done to us. They may’ve even caused your disability if you have no idea, do your homework like I said. I feel terrible that we’ve bought allt his junk and the key word is JUNK and we have landfills full of ths crap now. We oughta send it right bac to them.



  1. denotchka

    April 28, 2010 at 18:49

    Let me know what you think.


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