Energy Alternatives- Where?

There are some slippery slope moments in the economy and all of a sudden we are no going full-steam ahead on energy reform. God forbid! I hate hypocrisy and I thought Jesus Christ hated it- I hate it just as much. Call your senator and tell them to get jumping and tell them to quit playing with the budget before they get us in more debt!  This is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. We need alternative energies and this chatter-box has renegged on a campaign promise already? So much for the “green” theme- these guys are so green they look sick. Too much turkey or are you the turkey? Where’s that hatchet and my Stove Top? Buddy you’re history!

There’s something going on here and it’s no just a politician breaking a campaign promise look real close at the statements made about alternative energies and how we deal with Hamas. He’s got  weird idea that speaking with the Arab press is going to put us in good sted with the Middle East- no it won’t- they will just brand him with some really hateful attitudes and now we’ve been attacked again already overseas. This is way too much. We need to start putting pressure on  the Arab world to leave us alone and tell them we will do something if they don’t stop ttacking us. We don’t need their stinking oil we can drill for it ourselves and no get charged one dime more. This is pathetic!



  1. Denotchka

    April 17, 2009 at 22:38

    Let’s hope that Barack “has the energy to keep up with” this movement. Maybe he better cash in his carbon credits first!


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