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Opinion: Why Vets Aren't Buying 'The Hurt Locker' – AOL News

Opinion: Why Vets Aren’t Buying ‘The Hurt Locker’ – AOL News.

If a war film’s fiction, you can get away with what the writer talks about when he deplores the inaccuracies, but try that with a returning veteran of said war and you’re liable to get some furlowed U.S. Marine, Special Forces, Army Ranger, or even a military intelligence, possibly a member of the CIA in your face demanding their money back popcorn breath included. I wouldn’t even show this as a training movie!

People in Hollyweird don’t have any freaking idea what it’s like in the military unless they’ve had a family member involved somehow. Most of them don’t and they don’t care. This movie avoids politics, but it avoids reality too and CLAIMS it’s realistic. I would be careful wasting my money on this one. Wait for it to come out in a $1.00 rental machine and don’t support this film in the theaters. I probably wouldn’t even do  that.


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strong>I hope I’m wrong. I hope this British Lord is wrong. If he’s not, we better stock up RIGHT NOW on food, medicine, (I’m not sure about money this is going to get more than a little weird. I really hope I’m wrong! Pray and fast (that means don’t eat temporaily 1-40 days) Go to:


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No, this is not a food health alert so don’t freak our. This is aimed at anybody in Louisville, KY  who go a CD marked David Ray Griffin. Listen carefully and make your decisions- I’m not sure if he is “poisoning the tea” or if this guy is on- target. He talks about the Bush administration like it has no clue what was going on. However, here is something even worse has happened as well. the head of Homeland Security is making generalized statements about thereturning veterans. So my advice to those of you who just threw your cammies in the washing machine, make sure 9God forbid) that you don’t come off “cranky, irritable, or down-right angry over anything political!

“HA!” Honestly get as cranky and irritable s you want nd they are concerned about the disenfranchised in the military. i will saythis anybody having the same kind of thought that spawned of all people Timothy McVeigh etc. I can only say this if you’re military and that messed up, sell any fire arms you have and get help! I thank you for your service. Please do something to avoid anything like this. If you know anybody going through that pray for them and watch them like a  hawk!

Here’s few sites from David Ray Griffin:

Want To Know Info- David Ray Griffin


David Ray Griffin- 9/11 Commission Ommissions and Distortions

I’m not touting this guy’s stuff, but I watched some of it and he doesn’t come off virulent or what have you- judge for youself. By theway, if anybody has any more information on this guy i welcome what you’ve got!

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