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Stomping the Snake

Stomping the Snake (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

I’m going to warn you, this is a subjective not a researched piece. This one is from my own personal experience. In 1998, I was taking 2 very strong medications and had been doing so since I was 2 years old. I found out that these drugs had some serious side effects and decided to get off of them. They were anti-convulsants. One was a narcotic and the other a barbituate. I bet if I named the drugs, you’d gasp in recognition of where I’m going. When I was 26 I was trying to lose weight, and change my diet to take better care of myself. I was at the very beginning of this and the neurologist I had thought I was nuts. I won’t name him for that very reason (because frankly  I think HE is.) I’m no longer going to him at this time and never plan to go back. His attitude was despicable. I’m praying for him  however.

 Here’s what he did: I was on 100mg of one drug and 200 mg of the other one totaling 300 mg all together. and as far as I could tell, they were doing an okay job. except for a little. He proceeded to up the dose of the 200mg drug to 300mg and then to 330 mg. I didn’t like either one because I’m in martial arts. Tae Kwon Do and by the time he was done with me, it made Tae Kwon Do look like Tai Chi. If you know anything about martial arts, you realize HOW DANGEROUS THAT IS!! Also I was at a friends house during this time and she has a steep set of stairs to her basement. Somehow I’d forgotten how steep, and ended up falling down them. No, I don’t want money from her or anything, that was my fault. However, I could take this knucklehead who was tinkering with my meds to court though. He put my life in danger and I could’ve been killed had there not been a bubble in the paneling in her basement. The neurologist claimed that the 330 mg of this was “an adult dose” of the medication. This medication is a barbituate and a VERY STRONG MEDICINE TO BEGIN WITH! THERE’S A REASON YOU NEED A PRESCRIPTION FOR THIS MEDICATION! I was convinced he was nuts and here’s why: As a Christian, I was not about to let some medical professional get in the way of my relationship to with the Lord Jesus Christ. I was FURIOUS AT THIS DUDE!  Who did he think he was? I couldn’t believer this. he was Jewish, but I wonder where his relationship to God is. I’m sure those of you in the medical profession are wanting me to get to the “ethics” part of this right? Well here it is: Are medical professionals being taught right in medical school and are drug companies using them as drug pushers? BIG PHARMA has come out with some really cool sounding stuff to consumers and medical professionals, but are we willing to “count the cost?” and I’m not just talking dollars and cents.  No, I don’t want microchips in my food, my meds, my clothing and God forbid under my skin. the FDA  hasn’t even approved said products yet and the cry and hue is”: GET YOUR MICROCHIPS!” Sorry, I’m even wary of POTATO CHIPS right now never mind MICROCHIPS!  As a Trek fan it’s to quote my favorite character: “FASIBATING!” but on a spiritual end he’d agree “IT’S ILLOGICAL” T o suppose that everybody would want this type of technology. The ethical questions that were being discussed on STAR TREK 20 years ago are being implementad because “WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY TO”…….  Sorry folks, here’s another  quote: “Just because we can do a thing doesn’t  mean that we must.” Gen Krag STAR TREK 6: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY. I agree- now I’m taking it out of cnntext, but the point is made: We shouldn’t, not if it’s going to violate the Primer Directive or if you want the current documentation, the U.S.  Constituion. I hope you realize that there is a connection between the 2. I know I’ve probably jsut LOST THE MEDICAL CROWD! I can just hear from the grave: “Damn bucket of bolts, YOU’RE TAKING MY MOLECUES APART!” ;D  

BACK TO MY POINT: This is getting out of control. We have a really col Constitution, a really cool lifestye and a choice of things. What the Supreme Court has done IS unethical all the while the medical community because of the president’s imposition of this insane law- it’s not a Constitutional Amendment,and really holds no national and/or Federal power behind it. if I were A MEDICA PROFESSIONAL,  I’d not only opt ou, I wouldn’t give any attention to this idiotic legal piece of dung.

Os I guess you’re wondering about my “experiment?” I’m fine, I found out that the initiai diagnosis was a high fever when Iwas 2 that caused a seizure. this is a common thing amongst children and should not be treated as if it we Epilepsy. C;assic congential Epiliepsy is out of  control seizures that cannot be treated even with meds. It cases all types of braon dammage and can kill somebody. My “experiemnt” also included prayer and fsting  as well. Because the Lord told me that this was no the true diagnosis and I needed to get off of it and stay off completely. I found after going off of it, that I WAS ROYALLY TICKED OFF!!!!! i’M STILL TRYINGTO GET THE ANGER UNDER CONTROL AND WALK ON MYSELF WITHTHE LORD AND GET THINGS RIGHT.

Now to bring you up to date, I’m in the process of dealing with a kidney issue and the ER  physician is an inscure little guy, he tried to tunr me away from doing natural medical alternatives by attackingtheplace I’ve shopped at. I odn’t know WHEN  this happened at GNC,  but he swears they found SHREDDED NEWSPAPER in their products a few years ago. I wouldn’t know…… I do know this, that’s the last time I go to that particular hospital until Mr. Insecure leaves there, I’m not going back to them. I’m also moving my meidcal records to another hospital.  So ask yourself this one if you’re in medicine: Who was  Hippocrates  and why did he write that WEIRD OATH? Also bear in mind, he’d not only be freaked out by the advances, but he’d probably have a different cultural, ethnic and ethical attitude. there’s a part ofthe oath that goes like this: “do no harm unless you must.” he wouldn’t see the things that we have as ” a must.” SO………. If you are an medical doctor of any kind, and I don’t care where you graduated from, (even Johns Hopkins University or some other prestigious institute.) If you havea problem with NATURAL MEDICINE:

1. Get a natural medicine degree.

 2. Do your own investigatione of the facts on this tyo=pe of medicine,

3. If you still have a problem with natural medicine, take it up with God- He created this stuff and gave knowledge about it, and I doubt you want to debate the Creatoro fo the Universe about His creation. This could get VERY NASTY if the wrong attitude is expressed. We are talkinga being who can shoot lightening bolts from His eyes, kill 450 peopole for being occultic booobs, and flood the world in a spn of 15 minutes. I wouldn’t mess with Him- would you?


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I’ve been watching all the controversy about GOOGLE  and I never liked them to begin with. I’m a writer and the first thing I noticed was the name. That made me suspicious. GOOGLE- break it apart and you get GO OGLE or go look. Now that’s all well and good as long as you are the only one looking.  It’s when you do what GOOGLE has done that it really causes pain and causes FEAR. They took money from the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. Guys, that WREAKS  of corruption and evil intent. Are they the good guys or the bad guys right? Now don’t get me wrong, I support the Agency when it comes to doing all the things they LEGITIMATELY DO. But all this illegal crap- narcotics, spying on their fellow citizens, treating people like THEY’RE STUPID! Once again- it’s almost like an elite group of weirdos that doesn’t know when to stop.

I’ve had enough of the this crap.  If I were a lot of folks with GOOGLE, I’d drop ’em. They don’t respect anybody’s privacy. As a matter of fact, any search engine that doesn’t ought to be devested and sold. This is wholly despicable and the president should be stripped of all political power at this point and investigated. I’m not living in the Soviet Union and I refuse to live in the Soviet Union. If this puts me on “THE LIST”  I really don’t give a crap. I’m FINISHED WITH THE OPPRESSIVE CRAP AROUND HERE! This next message is to the FBI- do your job and get this tyrant out of office!


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Opinion: Why Vets Aren't Buying 'The Hurt Locker' – AOL News

Opinion: Why Vets Aren’t Buying ‘The Hurt Locker’ – AOL News.

If a war film’s fiction, you can get away with what the writer talks about when he deplores the inaccuracies, but try that with a returning veteran of said war and you’re liable to get some furlowed U.S. Marine, Special Forces, Army Ranger, or even a military intelligence, possibly a member of the CIA in your face demanding their money back popcorn breath included. I wouldn’t even show this as a training movie!

People in Hollyweird don’t have any freaking idea what it’s like in the military unless they’ve had a family member involved somehow. Most of them don’t and they don’t care. This movie avoids politics, but it avoids reality too and CLAIMS it’s realistic. I would be careful wasting my money on this one. Wait for it to come out in a $1.00 rental machine and don’t support this film in the theaters. I probably wouldn’t even do  that.


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If you think I’ve lost my mind- I haven’t but boy am I ANGRY! I’ve tried to tone down and control my anger, but now as for this topic- ALL BETS ARE OFF! Here’s a friendly message to the guys on the TEA party scene- HANG ON, THIS COULD GET INTERESTING. I heard this on Family News in Focus and I found the actual information to back it up on American Center for Law and Justice. Here’s the information:

If you think this is a joke it’s not.  Call your Congressmen even those of you who are LIBERAL DEMOCRATS! The president has hit 25th Amendment territory and we need to impeach him NOW! This is far more serious than just the health care bill- this is about our FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND PRESS BEING ATTACKED! To every journalist out there- I don’t care if you’re Lou Dobbs, Shephard Smith, Glenn Beck, or even Dr, James Dobson or Pat Robertson SCREAM YOUR HEAD OFF ABOUT THIS WE ARE IN DANGER!  I call on former Presidents Bill Clinton (who just put another tyrant in his place), George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush (if you want to drag Skull and Bones in go ahead), all senators who not only oppose this bill but ones who support it- this is far more important unless you "drank the kool-aid" and you "feel fine" (slurred speech). Get your stomach pumped and pound down the Oval Office door!

Never mind “party lines,” this s no time to celebrate! Freedom’s in danger! If you’re dumb enough to support this, thrn get your stomach pumped you’ve “drank the kool-aid!” Any of you eho remember Jonestown know what I’m talking about! Talk to your constituents! Don’t quash the voices of opposition you’ll end up out of office! Are you anIndependent as far as voting? GET OFF THE FENCE AND GET OUT THERE AND GET AWAY FROM YOUR INDECISION!

There’s more at stake here than some stupid piece of legislation! The more I hear, the more I see, the more I realize the TEA Party folks are oon the right track and they have more than they need right now. Go to: and start your own. This even goes for Native American  reservations we need you as well, we’re dealing with some “bad medicine” folks and I’m not trying to mock anybody (I’m 1/16 Native-American myself. Best way to get this going, use the annual meetings to publicize it and if you’re on the web, use it to get the information out there!



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Makeover Time for Sarah Palin’s Brand

Makeover Time for Sarah Palin’s Brand

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I really think that Sarah Palin has potential and all these idiotic accusations about corruption are just pathetic. This is the worst political abuse bythe system I’ve seen in a long time. Even Martha Layne Collins wasn’t treated this bad and she was the first female governor we ever had. I know because I live ib Kentucky and I have a signed autograph of her. Sarah Palin should honestly take the media to court for the way they’ve treated her. no, I’m not some FLAMING WOMEN’S LIB proponent. However, if I see anymore of this kind of treatment being thrown at women the  way I’ve seen it, I will personally gather evidence and file a case for her. This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Bill Clinton had a trust fund to defend himself and NOBODY ATTACKED HIM AT ALL until the republicans started screaming their heads off. I really see some political potential with this woman and if the “GOOD OL’ BOY SYSTEM doesn’t back off, they’re going to wish they never had done this!

It’s bad enough that John McCain’s campaign treated her like a second-class citizen when she’s a first-class governor! This whole thing stinks to high heaven and I want answers NOW. By the way, you will see her site on my links if you are interested. By the way, let’s do more than just help Sarah, le’s attack the problem of political discrimination towards women. Now’s the time to raise up for the right reason and that is a political statement but I don’t jsut mean “political right” this is about how to show respect to women in the political arena and to keep the old way of doing politics at bay. No ideologues! I get the impression Sarah could use support for BOTH SIDES HERE. Let’s go kick some chauvinistic butt and give them a run for thie moeny the lies they have NEVER SEEN  in politics on either side.

This lady is also a Christian and I’m thoroughly conivnced that this not that stupid trust fund is why everybody in the media is in a FEEDING FRENZY over Sarah, they smell BLOOD and they think she’s dead politically. Reality check, you don’t mess with a daughter of Christ nad get away with it! No, thisis not about “politicizing Christianity” it’s a statement of fact. Ask  ANY CHRISTIAN OF ANY GENDER. Nobody messes with the spiritual bloodline of Christ and gets away with it. By the way, if anybody’s been paying attention and praying at all, they’ll have noticed something by now, we are in the middle of the End Times and this is going to get interesting. All this stuff on Iraq still has yet to solidify and here’s something to think about. America has a SUPERNATURAL MANDATE FROM GOD. No, I haven’t gone off my rocker- there’s HISTORICAL EVIDENCE for this. Go to some of h hidtory sites on here and don’ t be surprised if you get a bunch of stuff about “manifest destiny” that’s only ONE COMPONENT to this. 

There’s also the fact that god protects His children no matter what they go through. Unless they transgress His Law and that’s a whole different ball-game, then He does what any decent parent does, He disciplines them. Sarah ought to know all about that- she has FIVE CHILDREN for heaven’s sake! They’ve probably gotten a few swats too it would not surprise me.  Don’t go calling Child Protective Services, there’s a difference between a swat and a beating. The latter can put a child in the hospital. Back to the main topic here- Sarah.

This is going to be the last time any man treats a female candidate like this and I hope that this teaches even the older guys like John McCain who has a total 3 women in his life that there’s a right way and a wrong way to treat somebody (actually, I think he’d agree look at his reaction when even a another woman called Hillary Clinton the “B’-word!) There need to be  federal election rules on how gender is handled. 

I’ve often wondered why I never saw a lot of women running for public  office and now I know. This is he most despicable incident I’ve ever seen. By the way, this is not about left or right or conservative or liberal I want women of all kinds to get mad about this and say something. If this were about political ideology, Hillary would’ve even been treated with respect. Let’s do something now and get over all this crap about ideology how “hair-brained ” do we women have to be? By the way, I’m a woman and after what I’ve seen in the political sphere since I was a kid- I’m utterly appalled!


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Scientology Violence

Tell me this is a good idea and I’ll sell you a tract of permafrost in Siberia! My piont is of course I don’t work for the Russian government so I couldn’t. This guy is a criminal straight up and subject to the laws of the land if this is true. I think he belongs behind bars anyway he ripping people off of their hard-earned money and using scare tactics to do it. Stay away from weird religious cults like this they are nothing but criminals hiding behind the 1st Amendment and they hurt millions of people who really thought they were keeping their best interests at heart. Honestly they don’t care that’s the world for you, they hate the Truth of God’s Word and would exchange it for a lie. Lies hurt people on a daily basis. So be careful!

Scientology Violence

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