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Obama Rebuts Grumbling from African-American Supporters — Politics Daily

Obama Rebuts ‘Grumbling’ from African-American Supporters — Politics Daily.

All I’m going to say is this, I’m praying for the situation here – I’m gonna let God sort this one out. I’m afraid I’ll do something that freaks out somebody and that will be misconstrued. I’m praying for WISDOM on the part of both parties here. Join me and we’ll take it to a God together. Remember ‘that where 2 or more agree as touching anything (even over Internet connection- my addition) it shall be done.” Let’s keep this constructive and bridge-build on this one. All people all shades, all political persuasions.

The fact that he says he doesn’t mind public criticism I find befuddling. Because the minute the MEDIA says something he gets all hot under the collar. The problem is this; he can’t tell the difference I don’t think. I could be wrong mind you. It crcks me up that he thinks that all the loud mouths are white, racist, and “establishment” because guess what? He’s establishment himself and doesn’t know it or refuses to acknowledge it at least. Well, If I’ve gone too far, I’m sure SOMEBODY will say SOMETHING. On that note, I’m outta here!