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All I can say is this: if you live in THE KYIANA (KY/INDIANA) area READ THIS AND PASS IT ON!


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Rep. Charles Rangel turns hearing into a vaudeville show –

Rep. Charles Rangel turns hearing into a vaudeville show –

Okay, let me be frank with you, I hope that this is a JUST proceeding and only because I wonder about a lot of out-going members of Congress who are so corrupt you can smell it who are not being investigated. I find the whole thing myself a very touchy subject for the simple fact that the party Charlie’s in is the very party that could’ve even PLANTED EVIDENCE if they wanted to.

I don’t think that happened, but I’m now concerned about how this is going to be handled by the Ethics Comittee. This ought to prove to be a very disturbing wake-up call for out-going and incoming members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The message loud and clear: DO THIS AND WE WILL VOTE YOUR BUNS OUT!

The fact that Charles turned this proceeding on it’s head yesterday tells  me a lot about him. He’s 80. He’s 80 and he acted like he was 8. That’s NOT GOOD FOR THE END RESULTS!  Charles, the Constitution is the LAW OF THE LAND sir and I don’t like going here but even I’d get in trouble for violating it if I were in political office. I’m a double minority myself. Female and physically disabled and I’m not sure that the kind of behavior exhibited by you was the usual or if it was just straight-up off balance and irregular.

I’m concerned for the whole House and the whole Senate because I am an American citizen who is tired of being kicked around like a soccerball by people we ELECT TO PUBLIC OFFICE! This whole thing is a travesty and I’m hoping that there are better days ahead for America and the world. This is a very dark (politically and spiritually) time and it irks the living tar out of me when people “put on a show” in front of the House and the whole dang country. You may’ve gotten yourself not only convicted on the evidence sir, but by your own behavior. Nobody on this earth is perfect I’m well aware of that but this was uncalled for and made you look foolish. YOU’RE AN ADULT FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE PLEASE ACT LIKE ONE PLEASE!



New evidence undermines feds’ case against Arizona | Washington Examiner

New evidence undermines feds’ case against Arizona | Washington Examiner.

Chalk up more evidence for when we arrest these folks. This is getting very tragic. It’s gonna look racist to the whole freaking world and they will refuse to understand that we really are tired of being manipulated by the system here and we need to find out if members of the organizations that instigated the Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and all the rest of the wars we’ve seen are next going to be behind this little “crisis” I’ve had enough of the U.S. Government starting something stupid to make money on. It’s bad enough that they think they can jsut do ANYTHING. We should never have allowed this monstrous crap to take place. If we cared about our freedom like our fore-fathers did, they would’ve been behind bars right after the Spanish-American War and this wouldn’t have gone on so long. But thinking that “we can handle this” on our own and not enforce the law letting them get away with it, I don’t think so, this is getting way out of hand and we don’t think for one minute about the consequences. Now, we have most of our populace behind bars and some of it not for a crime they committed. This whole thing has me pretty well angry about all the things that we are doing.

It’s said that those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it. Well, here we are again and I for one am tired of funding all this junk. Killing left, right, and center for PROFIT? The Mafia I understand doing it, but GOVERNMENT? What has this world come to when  all the things that we have start turning on us- I’m not doing a sci-fi man vs. machine thing here but if we’re not careful it could come to that and frankly, I get the impression we’ve got Star Trek fans run amok in Congress. I’ve had jsut about enough. The problem’s in other nations too who get involved in this  situation. This is slowly beginning to look more and more like the Aldous Huxley Novels Brae New World and Brave New World Revisited. I suggest you either get a copy or check these books out of the library and learn them forward and backwards. Also get 1984, Animal Farm, and other books by George Orwell. THIS IS IMPORTANT! TURN OFF YOUR RADIO, T.V., AND COMPUTER! Sit down, read, think and write. Start a journal. Some of this advice has already been given but I’m mentioning it myself because this could save your life.

Grab a copy of the Bible by itself and read it then do journal and document what you find there. Keep doing this and also don’t let the wrong people “walk around in your head.” Pray, fast (go without food for a limited period of time.) Spend time with God and don’t quit doing it. Do keep up with current events. I’m not suggesting going without that information but learn to tell the “false news” from the “real news.” Sharpen your language skills. Try to start new publications that are REAL NEWS and let folks know about them. I get the impression for example that Reader’s Digest is only going out of business because we have glut of things in print. I’m going to suggest that we keep something like it going where people can publish their stories. Unless an AMERICAN PUBLISHER  wants to buy it and keep it going. When illegal immigration becomes so serious an issue that American companies would rather have illegal immigrants than American citizens that should also tell us that we need realistic jobs and wages. I’m appalled at how many people have been forced into things they don’t want to do for a living. It’s horrendous!


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strong>I hope I’m wrong. I hope this British Lord is wrong. If he’s not, we better stock up RIGHT NOW on food, medicine, (I’m not sure about money this is going to get more than a little weird. I really hope I’m wrong! Pray and fast (that means don’t eat temporaily 1-40 days) Go to:


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If you think I’ve lost my mind- I haven’t but boy am I ANGRY! I’ve tried to tone down and control my anger, but now as for this topic- ALL BETS ARE OFF! Here’s a friendly message to the guys on the TEA party scene- HANG ON, THIS COULD GET INTERESTING. I heard this on Family News in Focus and I found the actual information to back it up on American Center for Law and Justice. Here’s the information:

If you think this is a joke it’s not.  Call your Congressmen even those of you who are LIBERAL DEMOCRATS! The president has hit 25th Amendment territory and we need to impeach him NOW! This is far more serious than just the health care bill- this is about our FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND PRESS BEING ATTACKED! To every journalist out there- I don’t care if you’re Lou Dobbs, Shephard Smith, Glenn Beck, or even Dr, James Dobson or Pat Robertson SCREAM YOUR HEAD OFF ABOUT THIS WE ARE IN DANGER!  I call on former Presidents Bill Clinton (who just put another tyrant in his place), George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush (if you want to drag Skull and Bones in go ahead), all senators who not only oppose this bill but ones who support it- this is far more important unless you "drank the kool-aid" and you "feel fine" (slurred speech). Get your stomach pumped and pound down the Oval Office door!

Never mind “party lines,” this s no time to celebrate! Freedom’s in danger! If you’re dumb enough to support this, thrn get your stomach pumped you’ve “drank the kool-aid!” Any of you eho remember Jonestown know what I’m talking about! Talk to your constituents! Don’t quash the voices of opposition you’ll end up out of office! Are you anIndependent as far as voting? GET OFF THE FENCE AND GET OUT THERE AND GET AWAY FROM YOUR INDECISION!

There’s more at stake here than some stupid piece of legislation! The more I hear, the more I see, the more I realize the TEA Party folks are oon the right track and they have more than they need right now. Go to: and start your own. This even goes for Native American  reservations we need you as well, we’re dealing with some “bad medicine” folks and I’m not trying to mock anybody (I’m 1/16 Native-American myself. Best way to get this going, use the annual meetings to publicize it and if you’re on the web, use it to get the information out there!



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I found myself curious about this little activity and wondered what was up. I totally agree with this concept. It is on a CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE LEVEL  at this point. I praythat we never have to repeat 1773- that could get sticky. I support this at this point. By the way, if you are wondering why the acrostic, T.E.A. stands for Taxed Enough Already. This sounds very much like what we went through 238 years ago but here’s the difference, we’re not dealing with Britain any longer, we are dealing with our own government. This time it’s not about the STAMP ACT, or the taxes on food stuffs like tea or anything like that- we are in an economic struggle for our survival as a democratic republic and it is rooted in Congress and the President getting us in so much debt that we are going to be paying OTHER COUNTRIES TO PAY OUR BILLS! We already owe China BILLIONS for covering our buns, This is not funny and it needs to stop start a T.E.A party today and send Mr. Obama a message: WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT! That one’s for you “metal-heads” out there. Get on board and get T.E.A.’D off. To do this go to:

Let’s get the government’s attention in a way we never have since 1773, let’s rattle the president and Congress’s cages so hard they wonder if that was a 10.999 on the Richter scale. We’re tired of being bullied by politicians who want to enslave our children to debt when we are trying to pull out of credit card debt- they apparently want us to stay there- this is MORONIC! get on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, e-mail your friends and family and have hem e-mail their friends and family, let’s set the political sphere on edge to the piont that they HAVE TO LISTEN TO US OR ELSE! They work for us- not the other way around. Make sure your are able to get to people in all 50 states and more than one major city as well. Let’s keep on keeping on folks and let’s do this with an ounce of CIVILITY and not just anger even though that is the fuel for the fire. There comes a time when we as a people Democrat and Republican alike need to wake up and reallize that the system is out of cnotrol! If we don’t get our government in check we will definitely get shafted more and more on both sides of the aisle with socialistic policies that just waste money and time and we will not go forward we will end up having to stop our usual work and endeavors to correct a Congress that is screaming like a 2 year-old brat. To all you parents outthere with 2-year-olds that’s not aimed at you but a bunch of GROWN UPS who are acting that way. 

Let’s spread these TEA parties and Christ’s love at the same time and that will help the movement to succeed in more ways than one. Get over being “liberal” and “conservative and let’s get out there and send a loud and clean out the system. The next time there’s an election, pick candidate that don’t support all this weird stuff at all. There are a lot of good political causes out there and there are a lot of bad- let’s get the message across- the tax abnd spend policies of the past and let’s start electing more Blue Dog Democrats who act like they’ve got some BRAINS as well as Republicans who stick to the ideals of the party.