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See No Evil?

See No Evil?.

This begs the question how much information is WAY TOO PERSONAL . I really find this a dilemma, I want to “catch the bad guys” here but what happens if a person is just very nervous about traveling because they don’t want to be “electronically violated” some people are not happy with this idea at all. I think we’ve let Al Qaeda make us give up what is precious to us, our freedom.

I really am tired of having to travel low-profile all because these idiots want to destroy our freedom. This is preposterous. I could think of better ways to search people and better ways to prosecute terrorists than bringing them on American soil. The current administration is playing a most dangerous game with real American’s freedom all the while giving these terrorists the rights and privileges that only belong to Americans? how dare you think that you will get away with this hideous experiment with our rights and freedoms! You’re gonna lose the next elections coming up and you’re gonna lose big!

UPDATE!  I just recently traveled and wentthroughthat freaking acanner and the TSA Agents realized I was pretty scared but I think they’ve been brainwashed to either ignore it and do their disgusting jobs or just treat people  like criminals anyway. So on my way back I went to pre-screen where they only check your tickets. I’l ltell you this, go through the pre-screen and that will solve it. by the way, you can find the material on yes, I used a government site- GASP! OH MY GOSH AS A TEA PARTIER, I THINK MY HEAD’S GONNA EXPLODE! ;D