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I’ve been watching all the controversy about GOOGLE  and I never liked them to begin with. I’m a writer and the first thing I noticed was the name. That made me suspicious. GOOGLE- break it apart and you get GO OGLE or go look. Now that’s all well and good as long as you are the only one looking.  It’s when you do what GOOGLE has done that it really causes pain and causes FEAR. They took money from the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. Guys, that WREAKS  of corruption and evil intent. Are they the good guys or the bad guys right? Now don’t get me wrong, I support the Agency when it comes to doing all the things they LEGITIMATELY DO. But all this illegal crap- narcotics, spying on their fellow citizens, treating people like THEY’RE STUPID! Once again- it’s almost like an elite group of weirdos that doesn’t know when to stop.

I’ve had enough of the this crap.  If I were a lot of folks with GOOGLE, I’d drop ’em. They don’t respect anybody’s privacy. As a matter of fact, any search engine that doesn’t ought to be devested and sold. This is wholly despicable and the president should be stripped of all political power at this point and investigated. I’m not living in the Soviet Union and I refuse to live in the Soviet Union. If this puts me on “THE LIST”  I really don’t give a crap. I’m FINISHED WITH THE OPPRESSIVE CRAP AROUND HERE! This next message is to the FBI- do your job and get this tyrant out of office!


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Sen. David Vitter Caught on Tape Arguing With Local Rape Victim — Politics Daily

Sen. David Vitter Caught on Tape Arguing With Local Rape Victim — Politics Daily

How stupid do people have to be? The Senator has just signed his own political death warrant if he doesn’t do what his constituents need then why vote for him? Let’s send him a message loud  and clear. Call his office, flood his e- mail and don’t give him a freaking dime for his campaign!

Don’t reward bad behavior. I submit we do the same thing to Alan Grayson and any other political figure who acts like this- they don’t belong in Congress or in any political position anywhere if they aren’t doing their job right and protecting people’s rights. Let’s als0 remind them that the House and Senate rules were put in place for a reason. There’s supposed to be a sense of decorum on the floors of both governmental bodies and you don’yt make the lame excsues this idiot makes to the face of a rape victim. If I were her, I’d run against him next time there’s an election and get him kivked out of office. Let’s see what she’s got.